Please critiquing Inuka & Nexus

Discussion in 'Requested VB Critiques' started by Corben69Max, Jul 30, 2015.

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    ok so here is a sample of Inuka & Nexus (since the cover like died because I tried to mix without headphones and it just bleeeeegh).

    So Inuka is a 6 year old Inu Youkai & AI 426 aka. Nexus is an AI (so it doesn't sound super clear or human).
    there both from the same VB (so is Taki-kun but I'm posting him later with a nice and pretty cover :'D )

    Nexus you HAVE to put more effort into it's voice to make it inhuman and stand out lol
    so on the critiquing I just want peoples opinion on the voice type and oto.

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