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Discussion in 'Art & Graphics' started by Pokefan2012, Mar 11, 2018.

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    I'm very cool with y'all using my real name, just saying lol

    So, I'm finally making a thread! I wanted to wait to retrieve some newer pieces from my hard drive at my mum's house, but I might not see her for, like, a month, so I decided to post some relatively new pieces for now.

    I hope you enjoy!

    I'm really into character design stuff, and expect to see these guys a lot (+one more who isn't here rn) They all have names which I will add in here, btw lol, but I'll post more about them as people at a later date probably. Also, I do a appreciate that these ones in particular, especially with the mood boards, look a bit goofy lol. (The original designs for the first three came about when I was, like, 12 lol.)

    Kaori Itsumi:
    Kaori Development sheet.png

    Matthew Woods (who actually has an even newer design now!):
    Matthew Development Sheet.png

    Ren Suzunami (Who needs a better surname OTL):
    Ren development sheet.png

    Bonus Little Red Riding Hood: Little Red Development Sheet.png

    Yeah, some got way more detail than others, lol

    So, I like this picture a lot, not because I think it's perfect or anything, but because I just think it's really cute and works quite nicely as a sort of header image. Also, since it's about a year old, it's a good way for me to gauge how much I've improved without cringing lol. Anyway, I might do a redraw of this one; it'll be cool!
    This one is, of course, just a WIP, however, I neededtopadouthisthread really quit like how it's coming along, so I thought I'd share it lol. Yes, it is rife with health and safety hazards, but it gives the characters... Well... Character! OwO Anyway, it'll probably look quite different once done, but here's where I am now :smile: (Also, yes, that is two pictures with characters pulling the :D face, but oh well)

    (Also, my Twitter will probably be more active, since I'm obligated to add to it for college, lol, long story https://twitter.com/King_Workshop)

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