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    Anyone been playing recently? I do have Alpha Sapphire but haven't even touched it. I spend a lot of time playing older games on my phone instead. (Gen 4 is my favorite, I play Platinum on my phone as I long ago lost the physical cart for it. cries) I had my Blue file for about 2 years but never made it past Lavender Town, lmao. I'm currently really interested in Gold/Silver/Crystal, started up a Gold file yesterday in honor of the hype I felt at the release of HeartGold (which I also have on my phone, I suppose I enjoy visiting older titles). What Pokemon games do you really enjoy? Do you play them on emulators or the physical handhelds?

    I should mention I use My OldBoy! (paid version) on my phone (Android) to play R/B/Y/S/G/C (and ROM hacks based off of these), My Boy! (also paid) for R/S/E/FR/LG (as well as ROM hacks), and DraStic (paid as well) for D/P/P/B/W/B2/W2/HG/SS.

    And no, I don't use cheats. Well, sometimes I do but I want my Gold file 100% clean (this also includes the use of emulators for speeding things up - none of that)!
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    God I remember playing pokemon alot during summer vacation trips. I think my favourite pokemon games are crystal, and sapphire. It's those two I've played the most of on the gameboy advance and feel nostalgic about. The day and night cycle was really fun, seeing different pokemon during the days making one wonder what is there at night. And the contest stuff in sapphire was a fun thing to do beside battles! I think it was in sapphire I found my favourite pokemon of all time! It just looked so cool, and I thought it would evolve. It didn't but I still liked having it on my team.

    I do have alpha sapphire and x, but for some reason I havent taken my time to play them as much.
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    I've been playing Pokémon Y and some of the Mystery Dungeon games lately. I have Diamond, HeartGold/SoulSilver, White, Black 2, Y, and Alpha Sapphire (basically, too many). I also played the original Sapphire on my DS... until it broke, that is. I lost count of how many spin-offs I've played, though, so I have no answer for that.

    I have great memories with nearly every generation of games, so I don't have a favorite. Gen 4 was my first, but playing both versions of Sapphire made Gen 6 much more nostalgic. I just... don't know? ^^;
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    I really enjoyed Sapphire, too. I've only had a handful of Pokemon games in physical form, hoh. My first generation was Gen 4, so it definitely is nostalgic for me. I did get Sapphire at a later date, and oh boy, Pal Park was so much fun. I miss the times my sister and I would enjoy Diamond and Platinum (we never did get Pearl) and trade and battle (though she always shut her DS off if she felt she was losing, grr) And I miss the fun we had during HG/SS.

    I remember seeing commercials for the GBA titles on TV, but we didn't get to try them until years later when we found used R/S/E carts for cheap at a Gamestop. I also do remember playing FR and LG but I can't say for sure we ever really had those carts.

    I wish emulators let you trade. My Boy and My OldBoy can, but I've never met anyone who uses them except my sister, but she doesn't play enough to trade. /sobs
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    My favorite Pokemon game is SoulSilver. Pokemon is my favorite videogame franchise :3
    Which is your favorite Pokemon?
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    (omg pokemon thread i'm going on a typing-frenzy)
    I started really liking pokemon when I was in 2nd grade - when the Sinnoh seasons were airing on TV. I absolutely fell in love with it - mainly the world itself - now I know that it probably sparked my interest in solarpunk! ( like, really, the pokemon world is so solarpunk you wouldn't belive)
    I loved the pokemon designs, I collected some cards, I knew all the info from Bulbapedia... I was also into... rocketshipping and I still am
    I didn't play the games untill I was in 6th grade - it all started with Emerald on a GBA emulator! And then I played some other pokemon games and hacks. I was also into nuzlocke comics, but I never played nuzlocke myself. (I'm not that good, ehhh)
    In 8th grade I got my 3DS and Omega Ruby, two years later I got Sun for christmas. Aaand I never beat them - I just don't have that much interest in beating them, I kinda... just like to play them?

    Also - my favorite pokemon were Gardevoir and Mismagius for a long time, but now I kinda love Salandit and Primarina too... Like, I don't have a top 10 fav pokemon - I have a top 50 :D
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