Poll: Choosing Our Social Group Addon

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Which Social Groups Addon Should We Get?

  1. Social Groups by Snog

    23 vote(s)
  2. Nobita's Social Groups

    26 vote(s)
  3. None of the Above

    6 vote(s)
  1. Hentai

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    So based off of our last poll, I have a new poll for the community. I have reviewed the available addons and I have narrowed down our selection to two Group addons. Social Groups by Snog and Nobita's Social Groups. I will outline the pros and cons of both below, then please vote on the poll above.

    Social Groups by Snog
    [ addon listing | live demo ]
    Price: $49 USD for Lifetime Licence
    • Group Pages
    • Group Forum
      + Group Discussions
    • Group Image Galleries
    Nobita's Social Groups
    [ addon listing | live demo ]
    Price: $69 USD + $29/yr Renewal
    • Group Pages
      + Custom Info Tabs
    • Group Forum
    • Group Calendar
      + Group Events
    Comparing the two the first major difference is price. Snog's addon is a one-time fee of $49 vs Nobita's addon which not only cost $69 but has a $29 annual renewal fee (for updates, we can use older versions indefinitely). They are both actively maintained but while Snog seems content with current functionality (it adds groups) Nobita is continually adding new bells and whistles to his addon.

    Additional features of Snog's is that it has support for Image Galleries and "Discussions", which are basically a massive reverse chronological message chain. Additional features of Nobita's is a much more customisable group page and the ability to add a group calendar and events. Image galleries can be added to Nobita's with a seperate Gallery addon. Of the two Nobita's is the prettier one, but both are perfectly functional.

    Both have their advantages, vote on the poll on which one you think I should implement.
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  3. Piia

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    Hi Hentai,
    What do these do (I'm sorry, I'm not used to forum things and such)? I've looked them up but still don't really understand them.

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