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    Well, I noticed that the Writing section was pretty much empty with the exception of a translator thread. So, I thought I'd involve people in a bit of a fun thread where we share our writing. Maybe your writing will inspire people? Maybe you're looking for something to read, or maybe you're looking for critique or feedback? Whatever the case, let's have fun with this thread!
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    Out My Window

    Author's Note: I used to write stories with my friends that was set up like a roleplay style. I like to recycle these characters for separate short stories. So far, the characters in this story are 16-year-old Odin York and his 21-year-old brother, Lochland. This is a small story excerpt of a story using these characters.

      All Odin could see was endless plains of shady green grass as he stared out the car window, long lashes brushing against the cool glass of the car window. His blue gaze, presently looking like a faded gray, focused on the overcast that hung over the small car as it drove the countryside. It was a dull, depressing scene as rain droplets began to pelt the windows, quickly becoming a downpour.

      This definitely wasn't promising to Odin; in fact, he had been dreading this trip ever since his brother had told him it was time for the two to move out. Now, he was moving into an already
    full household with a bunch of -probably loud- children. It was a miserable scene for a miserable start to his 'temporary home'.

      "Are you sure we're going to be able to fit into Mrs. McClelland's household? Doesn't she have nearly a dozen children?"

      Odin glanced over to notice Lochland didn't take his eyes off the road, trying to squint his way through the rain that the windshield wipers weren't quite fast enough to remove.

      "Look on the bright side, kiddo; the houses around here are fairly isolated. I'm sure you could always sneak away if you get overwhelmed."
    Lochland gave a small chuckle to himself, joking with a:

    "Maybe if you ask nicely, she'll let you sleep in the barn out back."

      Better that then in a bed with three other children, Odin thought sourly; in too bitter of a mood to really humor his brother. Odin let out a soft sigh, returning his focus to the outside world.

      "What about Phillip? Did you guys-"

      Odin was quickly interrupted by the sudden pull of the breaks, lunging Odin forward in his seat for a moment. He felt his heart pound from the suddenness of Lochland's actions, staring to him in disbelief with wide eyes. His expression was grim, though not upset, and his expression looked downtrodden.
      "Please, not now, Odin." Was all he said, to which Odin hesitantly leaned back into his seat, slowly resuming his previous spot horizon watching.
    The car took speed yet again, and Lochland sighed, hesitating before saying,

    "Sorry, I..." He shook his head, not knowing what to say.

      Odin didn't respond and just returned to his post, knowing he didn't want to risk seeing his brother cry again.

      They didn't speak for about an hour, the rain having lightened a bit as they slowly began to reach their destination.

      "We're almost there now." Lochland's words startled Odin, who had grown used to the silence.

    "You know, Mrs. McClelland was an old friend of mum's; I'm a little surprised she invited us to stay. Mum used to say that we met her when we were young, and called her Aunt Betty. It's funny, I don't remember a thing about that."

      Odin nodded in response; if Lochland didn't remember, nor would Odin. After all, they were five years apart in age, Odin being the youngest.
    "I don't need to ask you to behave yourself; you're better at that then I am. Just try not to talk to her about your... Sensitivity, alright?"
      Obviously, Odin knew this. He hated it when Lochland brought it up; like he knew what it was like.
      "Yeah, I won't, Loch."
      Odin spoke more casually when he was annoyed, accent dropping heavier than usual.
      The car skidded to a stop and Lochland took a moment to stare to Odin with a small smile. A smile Odin knew meant that he was nervous. Maybe he was even more uncomfortable than Odin was, if that was even possible.
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    @PurinPuff - I do that with my friends all the time :D We're always passing notebooks back and forth at school~ <---

    So like, I wanted to post something here but this is the only thing I have besides RPs that's story-ish like and actually on this computer. It actually started as a RP post for I site I was on a few years back, but shortly after I posted it I decided to make a short story out of it, I dunno why... anyhow, enjoy if you wish 'u'

    f l e e t i n g_ f l o w e r  of_the  n a m e l e s s_

    Midnight. The only illumination present is the looming stars that were widespread across the pitch-black veil of night, an the luminescent, round form of the moon. Deep in the forest, all is silent. A very peaceful night in particular, only the restless sounds of wildlife taint the solemn atmosphere of the dark woods.

    Not at all like the interior of the city. On this night, the bars and pubs are at the height of their businesses, as humans waste the night away in their woe-less intoxication. For some, though, those very vivid scenarios were not merely a place of enjoyment, but a popular attraction for beautiful young creatures to feed upon.

    A girl with calm, blue irises, and a visage framed by small ringlets of auburn leaves the safety of her bustling sanctuary, smelling strongly of alcohol and cigarette smoke, and into the eerie silence of the evergreens' domain. She is lead deep into the woods, where her previous path is long lost to her. Her mind and her thoughts have been dimmed by a controlled euphoria, and the haze of tequilas only serve to further obscure the putrid taste of her own mortality. As she embarks further and further into the dark, unpromising unknown, she and the one leading her come to a definite stop. She does not panic as she is being eased against a robust tree by gentle yet firm grasp, her eyes glazed over with a hypnotic sense of false security. The nameless hunter's arms close around her helpless form on both sides, enclosing her into a small area from which she dare not escape. No scream of protest escapes her parted lips. Her unconscious sense of self-preservation acknowledges the need, yet her physical being remains oblivious to this vital reality. As far as she was aware, she existed now as nothing more than a being of peace and serenity - pure bliss, an underlying covenant of inevitable death.

    The intoxicated women's half-closed eyes gazed up at the man who brought her to this place. Her vision centered on him, her mind still at rest, and she stared thoughtlessly. While still induced in an unresponsive lethargy, her orbs appear to subtly survey his appearance: The intense warmth of his crystalline, crimson gaze, a vibrant pool of blood encircling a menacing slit that would normally stir reasonable discomfort within a sober mind. She didn't even blink, her ponder-less gaze now observing his long, ivory tresses that seemed to emit a nimbus congruous with the moon's translucent veil. His eyes coax further disorientation into her, and he ventures closer. Even so, she does not stir from her frozen stance.

    The nameless hunter leans in on his prey, the woman he had ventured into a nearby bar for, his hands moving around her neck as he searches for the most evident and luscious vein. Tilting his face up to a parallel angle to her exposed throat, lifting her chin to reveal a wider stretch of living flesh, his tongue gently caresses the area of her skin he wished to break, as if softening to it make the job cleaner, to dampen the pale tissue into a more fragile, permeable state. Then, in a simple, diligent movement, his vampiric canines impale her vulnerable flesh, and pierced very precisely, the intended vein. Warm, metalloid liquid begins to flow in a steady, scarlet trickle into the vampire's awaiting mouth. A resultant murmur of displeasure comes from within the victim in an illegible fumble - consequently, he begins to release a periodic amount of venom that manifested numbness, following an erotic high, directly into her bloodstream- and her discontent is quickly overrode by a pleased sigh.

    Lustful hunger, finally satiated.Withdrawing himself from her drained remains, the hunter takes a step away from his blanced prey, then another to avoid collision as the copse claims her deathbed upon the dew-laden grass, and lastly, licking the remaining blood off his lips and fingertips. The girl's glass orbs stare sightlessly into the moist, green buffer that so openly welcomed her, the euphoric pleasure of her final state of mind still etched across her stone-cold countenance. Alas, she would never experience the true horror of the creature she unwillingly subjected her very life to, and none will be aware of the blood spilt in that fleeting moment, for the nameless one wasted no blood to stain his surroundings. Evidence of the act committed will remain as nonexistent as the living world believes vampires to be, the only remainder merely a withered flower strewn across the forest floor, it's sweet pollen enticing the minds of the young and curious to seek the truth that sought their very lives as it's compensation.
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    You use notebooks too, huh? x3 Small world, that's exactly how me and my two friends did it.

    Your writing is very poetic in nature. Do you write poetry?
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    You use notebooks too, huh? x3 Small world, that's exactly how me and my two friends did it.

    Your writing is very poetic in nature. Do you write poetry?

    I've never met anyone else who did that... it's cool to know there are others out there who do it C: I feel it's an excellent use of my school freetime '3'

    And no... I'm sure I've ever written poetry, unless it was for an assignment. I think my writing could be descibed as what is known as purple prose, so that's probably what triggers you into observing "poetic-ness" in it? Maybe? xD
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    I just find there are similar qualities between the two mediums. Honestly, I don't know any kind of terminology when it comes to writing style.

    You'd probably be good at it. I wouldn't touch poetry or journal writing with a 10 ft. pole, unless it were an assignment.
    Speaking of poetry assignments.

    A picture’s worth a thousand words, but to me, the price is greater.

    Center-stage, sets controversy, not to feed or fuel one’s fancy.

    Subjected to many a people, their opinions less than equal.

    Surely, will be something many, will subject to talk and prater.

    It was a project for a commonplace book; I had to make a what am I poem. xD
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    I love writing! ^^ I'm more of a poetry person, but I write stories too.

    I'm only going to post excerpts, because I really don't have any kind of finished story with me.
    However, for poetry, I do.

    Here is part of a story I wrote for my school newspaper's story serial column. I would have been willing to write more of it had they not canceled it without my knowledge. orz

        The sky that day was the color of murky water, and the air matched the feeling it conveyed—tepid. Meraud Godfrey, a servant to the Resident King of Aesar, walked out of the gilded bedroom which contained the royal she was waiting on and opened the wine-colored door to the balcony. Lukewarm air rushed out in a breeze to hit her face, and in a single moment, all of the smells of the royal city snaked up into her nose and caused her to stop in her tracks, silently enjoying the diverse array of scents the city carried.
        The vaguely unpleasant aroma of river water and raw earth was mixed with rich spices and the sweat of their peddlers. Meraud sighed, wishing she could return to her original home, where the steam and smoke layers were so heavy that one could almost grab hold of the low hanging clouds of polluted air. Although she was well versed in the ways of the royal court, all of the polite mannerisms connected to the Resident King were simply an act. Meraud was not who she said she was, and at times like these when she wanted nothing more than to leap off the balcony and return to her parents, she wanted to forget all the lies she told to the people around her.
        It was not her choice to be here as a subservient, kindly maid. Meraud knew she was more than a marionette that dove left or right when her strings were pulled. Each day, the young woman would pull her long, seal-brown long-coat around her lanky arms and dream of being somewhere else, with her parents. In her heart, she knew that her parents did not deserve this, as they were the ones who forced her to be in this dreadful situation. Meraud closed her eyes, continuing to breath in the tainted city air deeply, bringing back forgotten memories of her childhood. Her head bobbed downwards, every vertebrae of her neck slowly clicking into a curved formation as her breath became deeper, slower, and she slipped into a calm, nearly unconscious state as the tepid, thick air washed over her.

    Here's some of my poetry. It's about how I feel at Holiday times. Also, no offense is meant by any part of this, I love all religions and enjoy studying them. If any offense is taken, I'm sorry.
    Holiday Grievances

    A crimson, plastic-perfect poinsettia
    is placed on a windowsill
    with all of its poisonous glory.
    Beneath the icy, gray-white sky,
    it brings a spot of color to the
    bland, materialistic world of ours.
    Snow colored with noxious fumes
    Stacks the roads
    making travel impossible.
    Sighs of relief and exasperation light the air
    With emotional sparks.
    "Inlaws won't be seeing us this holiday," mothers whisper
    As their store-bought, ornamental goodies hang in the family van
    Jingling tinnily, tinted with cheery Christmas spirit.
    Everyone forgot us for eight days, we spent it waiting
    With potato pancakes, frying in grease, applesauce tart and sweet
    Our time is over, holiday trees say, lights shimmering
    in spastic condescending joy.
    "It's not over," we brag to empty streets
    Yet Target and Kroger say otherwise,
    Not acknowledging us, me, the others.
    "Chocolate coins." "Gelt." "Menorah." "Holiday candelabra."
    We argue over names and the malformed pictures you see
    When you look at my family and I.
    Holidays are messy when spent with some too many culture barriers
    and approached awkward silences that fog the room.
    "What did you do for Christmas?" my hairdresser inquires
    Over the roaring dryers and clacking shears.
    "I did nothing," I say, and my brain murmurs in an indignant undertone.
    "You did something, you celebrated Hannukah."
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    Hmm...I have plenty to submit. XD

    Here's an excerpt of something I'm doing for a contest.

    The silence in the room was suffocating, closing in on the girl as if it were a vice. Occasionally, the stagnant sound would be revived by simple things: a soft sigh or shuffle. Specifically, each of these disruptions eminated from Sakura.
    The girl was curled up against the cold, concrete wall, eyes focused on some non-existent point on the floor as crushing emotions of failure turned circles in her mind. She arched her back away from the wall, feeling a twinge of pain spark from the still-bandaged bullet wound on her back.
    Just another reminder of her pitiful performance.
    Sakura released another sigh before finally pushing herself to her feet. Restlessness began to encroach her despair. When was her partner coming back? Even though it felt ages since the loss of their first fight, an arena official had requested that they not leave. Then, merely an hour ago, another uniformed worker had pulled Zakuro out of the pair's private quarters to speak to him alone.
    "I just want to go home," she whimpered, burying her face in the silken fabric of her deep blue scarf. But then, that meant looking her superior in the eye and admitting she had foolishly run off to some unknown arena, endangered the secrecy of the Agency, and basically gone against everything she had been taught. Gods, how could this turn out any worse?
    The sound of quickly appproaching footsteps snapped Sakura back to the present. She scurried to the doorway of the agonizingly silent room--an action that almost sent her crashing into the wildly excited demon attempting to enter.
    "Gya! Z-Zakuro, what's the matter-"
    "We need to get the hell out of here." Zakuro's answer was curiously vicious, and he pushed past his confused partner to begin gathering up their belongings.
    Sakura watched him fly around the room, her eyes wide. "Why? What's wrong?"
    Not bothering to look at her, Zakuro spat, "They expect us to fight again! Apparently, we sucked, but we sucked just enough to be redeemed. Can you believe the absurdity? I've never seen such a ridiculous operation..."
    Though Zakuro continued his sharp-tongued rant, Sakura's conscious mind had flown to Mars. Redeemed, he said? They had been given another chance? Her face began to glow with unbearable joy. She had another chance to prove herself; another chance to bring glory and honor to the entire human race!
    "Yes...yes! Th-this is fantastic!" Sakura squealed, pumping her fist in the air. "I'll try so much harder this time! We can WIN this time!"
    Zakuro whirled around and curled his lips up in a feral snarl. "Are you freaking INSANE? There is no way in hell we're stepping foot in that arena again! It's too dangerous! You're not prepared, Sakura. You're going to get destroyed!"
    "I was trying my hardest..."
    "You got shot."
    "That wasn't my fault!" A look of exasperation flooded her aqua eyes as Sakura watched the demon scoff and continue packing. Taking soft, timid steps, she made her way to her partner and laid a delicate hand on his shoulder. Amazingly, Zakuro's fury and panic seemed to melt away under her touch. "Zakuro," she murmured, lips trembling, "Please don't throw away this chance for us. Don't you understand? I can't go back to Mistress Chouko and tell her I took this risk and failed. I can't look the other Agents in the eyes and tell them how weak I was. Zaki, we can do this. If we really work together...if we really fight as a team...we can win. We have to win. Please!"
    For a moment, the pair's eyes connected, silently expressing all the things that would ultimately go unsaid. Zakuro shrugged away from Sakura's hand, crimson glare shifting to the wall. "For God's sake, Sakura. This isn't a damn Disney movie." Although his tone was harsh, the demon's eyes spoke another story. Whether he liked it or not, Zakuro was a tumbleweed in the wind of Sakura's desires. "If we're going to do this, I'm setting ground rules."
    "Round two, fight three has come to an end! Fight four is about to begin; all fighters to the arena entrance!"
    Zakuro shot a scowl up to the oblivious loudspeaker. "Damn. Fine. I'll lecture you on the way," he scoffed, grabbing Sakura's wrist and dragging her toward the fighter's entrance.
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    Haha, I can submit too many things since I'm trying to get my second novel published properly. But next time I write something for my class I'll let you guys see it first. It seems everyone is super nice about feedback. :uhuhu:
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    Not so much writing, but free-verse poetry. ;A;

    My veils and coping mechanisms
    Like gun powder and whiskey
    Fills the room with a tension
    Like downed power-lines
    Charred trees
    Flooded back porches in my mind
    My little secrets
    In a tinderbox
    kept beside the firepace
    Where your worries ingite my tempers
    My tempers igniting my passion
    For crooked scrawls on
    Public restroom walls
    A plea for sanctuaries
    And clean cups without lipstick stains
    Tending to my miseries
    In a bathroom stall
    In some shady little honkytonk bar
    1:43 pm, downtown Nashville
    With numbers on bar napkins
    And aspirin in my palm.
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    Wow, this place is getting no love ;n; I'll try to post an excerpt of a thing me and my friends made up when I was in high school, so... If one does not follow, I'll explain later if needed.

    ......Heirei and Bon were in Heirei's house, gathering things, like food supplies, and tents and such. Not anything too special. They had to make it seem like the group were planning a camping trip together; as they needed to keep the group together to heal any wounds gained from the nightmare that was before them. They couldn't risk missing any more school days at this point.

    "Why do I always get the shitty jobs? I have more experience than any of you guys... Bonneillus, any ideas?" Heirei asked, as she took cans of ravioli, soup, canned pineapples and peas and put them into a duffle bag, to later stand up and reach for the ramen packets in a shelf, and a bag of chocolate chips too.

    "Well, they trust you to do this. Jack kinda ran out, and Spike has to make sure the battlefield is going all good. Murmashi had to explain to Koniko what to do, and everyone else felt awkward trying to take food from their homes, let alone camping gear. There's nothing I can contribute until Ubi is taken down, so I must help you." Bon explained, as he tied the sleeping bags tightly together, and looked at a checklist of things they needed. "Hmm.. You said you guys had an electric blanket. Where is it at?" Bon asked Heirei curiously, as Heirei seemed rather annoyed, and sighed.

    "It's in Keishi's room. The door's locked, so there's no way of getting it." Heirei replied, as Bon seemed almost as if he was thinking 'challenge accepted', as he wandered into the sitting room, and went to Keishi's door and squatted down.  Bon simply raised his hand, and also pressed his finger on the keyhole,  then simply waited. It was not long before you could hear the door unlock.

    "There's nothing called 'locked' when I'm around." Bon smiled, as he gotten up, and opened the door to the rather messy tan colored room;  and retrieved the blanket from Keishi's bed. "Well, we'll need to wash this first so we-" Bon said casually, as he turned around and seen Heirei rooting in Keishi's bag and pulled out a small thing of unopened lip gloss and tried it on. "What are you doing?!"

    Heirei made a childish, yet silly look on her face, seeing that she was caught. "It's not like she wears any of it... or even uses it. She woul-"

    "Put it back.."  Bon said dully, and looked unamused, as Heirei pouted and put it back in the bag, and left the bedroom, with Bon following behind. "We were only in there for the blanket."

    After Bon entered the kitchen, Heirei snuck back in and retrieved the lip gloss and locked the door behind her.

    ♦ ❖ ☪ ❖ ♦

    Ubi had skidded across and tripped over the freezing cold stream; as he was bloodied and damaged severely at this point. His clothing was tattered and ripped in several places; and his Tabard-like top had fell, revealing his mid-riff and chest, with him incapable to repair the damage on his clothes. He had lost his left sleeve, and the other was ripped to pieces. His belt was about to fall off, but his shoes were gone, and his pants had several holes in it. This poncho was still in good shape, surprisingly. His black blood was pouring everywhere, and into the stream, and he was having a hard time evading, let alone attack.

    Jack was showing no mercy.

    "If I ever heal from all this, you're f***king dead, Frost." Ubi growled, as he gotten up from in the stream, and moved, only to have his back sliced open from a strike from Jack's freezing whip.

    Jack, himself, was in much better shape, though he had dropped his winter coat onto the ground, and had cuts and bruises all over his upper body, as well was bleeding from under his left eye; it was coming from his eye socket. He had frozen bracers on his upper arms;  as well as thousands of ice blue symbols were all over his skin; and shoulder pads made of black ice; along with giant chunks were floating around him.

    "l doubt it."

    Jack lunged at Ubi, and had jumped, then twisted his body to the side so he could get enough leverage to bounce off a tree from the side, and then jam his elbow across Ubi's jaw in the rebound. Ubi managed to side step and grab hold of Jack's arm; and turned to throw him; only to feel that Jack had gripped his other arm; and started to kick Ubi's face over and over again, until he had hit the sweet spot in the jaw, causing Ubi to fall unconscious.
    As Ubi fell, Jack used his body to flip backward and onto his feet, and wiped his busted lip irritated.

    " Don't under estimate me, Demon." Jack muttered, as he started  to create a frosty ball of snowflakes floating around his left hand, in which started to freeze into a large icicle overlapping his skin. He had given a dark look at the now reverted body of Akkioni, in which was laying in the stream, with the normal red blood washing away from his body.

    " Lets see how you LIKE BEING A MANGLED BODY, DEMON!" Jack erupted savagely as he prepared for the killing blow, and had lunged; only to stop from the sound of Murmashi, Koniko, and Harohi singing in the distance.

    He couldn't move a single muscle. And sweet revenge was at his fingertips.


      "Jack, You should know at this point that revenge isn't the answer. Harohi and Keishi seem to go over it quite alot every time someone mentions the word 'Sasuke' or whatever that means." Spike replied as he and Herari managed to carry the currently paralyzed Pyros and Waterlily, as well as Hailrei, Torreos and Keishi in their arms.

    "How could you say that?! Your best friend wasn't killed by.. by this THING. " Jack freaked, as Spike put Torreos, Keishi, and Waterlily down, and had walked over to Jack, and folded his arms.

    " No, because my best friend was going to be killed by you, since Ubi has consumed him at that time. I will not allow you to do this to him. You should not lecture someone whom you don't know too well. " Spike replied, as Herari took the water kubilsana from Waterlily, and placed it back on Hailrei's finger, and had simply smiled.
    There. Back where it belongs.

    "Herari, help me pick up Akkioni." Spike asked, as he went into the stream, and had lifted his upper body out of the water. It wasn't like he couldn't hold him up on his own, it was because of all the damage Jack made on his body..Spike was uncertain how to carry him, so it was best to be careful.

    ♦ ❖ ☪ ❖ ♦

    Akkioni had woken up, surprised to see the two girls from the festival here, just sitting by him, busy tending to his wounds. Even though he was captured awhile back, he never actually seen them in Anda Gurando, besides Herari and Keishi during the crazy breakout. He trusted them abit, as seemed to be nursing him.

    "Oh.. Hi there, Akkioni.. That's your name right? It's nice to see you again. Harohi and I never got a chance to say thank you since Tanabata." Hailrei grinned, as she had finished swapping the chest bandages.

    It took a moment for him to even realize he was in a tent.

    "O-oh.. Thanks. Er.. Miss, what happened to me?" Akkioni asked, as he looked around. there wasn't really all too much to look at, as it was a standard tent, just blue and yellow patterned.

    "Oh, that's right. We should fill you in. Well, we're the new lighting and water kubilsana users. Apparently Tenka was actually a dragon... "

    "I KNEW IT! I thought it was funny he had pointy ears." Akkioni proclaimed, as Harohi and Hailrei had a hard time holding their giggles because of his expression.

    "A-anyways," Harohi had continued, "Since the breakout, Ubi attacked the school, kidnapped Keishi, which in return would make Hailrei and Jack go after you. Jack attacked Ubi, and won, but he nearly tried to kill you, if it wasn't for me, Murmashi and Koniko. At that that time Pyros and Waterlily gained up on Hailrei and had knocked her out." Harohi explained, as she wiped Akkioni's face with a clean washcloth.

    Well. He didn't expect that.

    "Wait, Muramashi.. Did he come back, or is he an exile now?" Akkioni asked, as he closed on eye for Harohi was washing that side of the face. He really didn't see why she would need to, but he didn't mind.

    "Yeah, he's an exile. He was the one kinda stopped you from attacking Keishi during your relapse. You almost acted like a vampire." Hailrei explained, as Akkioni's eyes widened.

    "Keishi! Is she alright?!" Akkioni panicked, and tried to get up and leave, only to have excruciating pain went up his spine, making him flop onto his stomach. "OOooooowww..." Akkioni whined, and winced.

    "Akkioni, don't move.. You still have alot of healing to do. Until then you're kinda bed ridden." Harohi explained, as she and Hailrei helped him back into position. "How do you know Keishi, anyways?" Harohi asked, as she was kinda surprised at Akkioni's reaction.

    "O-oh.. She saved me.. She told me she found me drifting in the harbor, so she pulled me out of the water, and brought me into a hidey-hole of hers. She was taking care of me since December-January-ish... Until..."

    "Don't ever come back here.. "

    "Nevermind." Akkioni explained, as Hailrei and Harohi were quite surprised at what he had just said. Keishi had her own hidden agenda too, huh? Longer than they both did, at least.

    "Harohi, please tell everyone the news.. I still need to do his arm bandages." Hailrei explained, and motioned to the outside of the tent. Harohi nodded, and had smiled at Akkioni, then had turned away from him as she unzipped the door to the tent.....​
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    A macabre poem about fears.
    One day I was home all alone, no one with me but the phone
    I stayed locked away and spent most of the day, basking in  light as the birds did say:
    " Eyes that see are often blind, when you rot we'll pick your mind. "
    Here I stay under lock and key, my phone to keep my company.

    The birds sing songs so dark and loud, they come onto my tree in crowds
    my window bars keep my safe, in my mind I do escape.
    Madness, madness all around the murder grows as eyes do shine.
    Eyes so evil stare at you, so burning red and stained like wine.

    A wonderland dark and depraved the evil beasts had inspired,
    there I lay stuck between two worlds that certainly wait for me to expire.
    The crows, the crows, the vicious crows in their numbers they do grow.
    Go away I chant in prayer, leave me to retire.

    The world so distorted like a dream of darkened souls and filthy steam,
    smothered me like clotted cream as dared to breath again.
    It was no use as I clawed for air, the nightmares grew as I couldn't bare they all had come true in front of my eyes. And smothered my like pouring rain.

    One day I was home all alone, no one with me but the phone
    I stayed locked away and spent most of the day, basking in  light as the birds did say:
    " Eyes that see are often blind, when you rot we'll pick your mind. "
    Here I stay under lock and key, my phone to keep my company.
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    //w\\ ehe, i suppose i could post a bit of AngelHaven here. I've done a lot of work on it, there's even spinoffs like the roleplay game and the fanventure. This is excerpt is the part where Raito gets arrested, but before Skye's rant (although I'm sure there are more representative parts)

    As you sit up, you realize that Raito had returned, seen you kissing Skye, and whacked you with a sack of potatoes.
    Raito: "WHY THE **** WERE YOU DOING THAT!?!"
    All of AngelHaven goes silent. Not a single sound, quiet enough for Dalton to be heard and even he wasn't making a noise.

    Because Raito... cursed.

    >What's wrong with that?
    No author, let the reader speak.

    Angels never, ever, curse. Haven't you been analyzing and fangirling over this story? Not once do they say an offensive word. Or least I think so... Their lack of cursing is something I pride myself on.

    >How did Raito even know that word?
    What word? I censored it out.

    Okay, okay! Raito sneaks out a lot, remember? He also goes to UTAU Studio, and there are some UTAU that curse a lot. *coughMitaSouzoucough*

    >Back to story?
    Yes, thank you.

    After what seems like forever, Serena approaches Raito.
    Serena: "Angels speak only pure words. And if a filthy half-demon like you expects to be accepted here, you must act like an angel."
    She puts golden handcuffs carved with ancient angelic runes on Raito, and leads him away. To a place that everyone knows but nobody speaks of, the deep, inescapable, absolutely hidden basements of AngelHaven, carved into the plateau that it is built upon. Not a dungeon per-se, but still quite horrible.

    Raito attempts to abscond from this punishment, but the runes glow brightly and restrain him. Serena seems to be wathcing him all the time, as if she had eyes on the back of her head. Once Raito is taken away, everyone else goes back to what they were doing before.

    Except for Skye.

    The website for AngelHaven is [] but it's super plain and not fully updated, due to only having a DS during the week and having to type up posts from there.
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    i suddenly don't feel proud of angelhaven anymore
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    This needs editing so badly... *sobsob* Excerpt from something that I'm going to turn into a novel, I hope.

    Blood splattered over the already red petals of the rose.

    Tam Lin staggered backwards, the chest plate of his armour broken right through. Pain assaulted his senses, white flashing across his vision and black dots chasing at the edges. He kept his grip tight on the sword. Focus. Another strike caught him unawares and he was smashed like a rag doll into the building on the side. Cold rain began to tap on his forehead.

    He lurched forwards, throwing out the sword blindly. It connected to something and the Cerberus screamed in a human voice. Tam Lin struck again, and again, and again, until his arms grew too weak and he fell with the beast, landing atop its dying figure.

    The Cerberus disintegrated and Tam Lin collapsed onto the slick ground, finding himself face to face with wet gravel. He could feel his body begin to accept the cruel fate of his demise, and he smiled thinly to himself. Less than half an hour he’d stood on the grounds of the great planet Earth and already death had dug its scythe into his belly and called claim.

    The girl who Tam Lin had given his life for tiptoed over to him, kneeling by him. The water in her eyes glimmered beautifully, yet it refused to escape. She stripped off her coat and laid it over him; if Tam Lin had been capable of words, he would’ve told her not even to bother comforting him on his deathbed. There were a thousand others she could bring forth who would do far better than him; why did she spend such time doting over him when he was waiting on death’s doorstep?

    Tam Lin, you are a weak little soul.

    He could hear the soft tones of the Faerie Queen whispered in his ear, the words brushing against his skin. He wholeheartedly agreed with her; what use was he to his mistress if he died the second she summoned him?

    Do you want to live, Tam Lin?

    Yes, he thought numbly. He wanted to live, and nothing would change that. Every being had a desire to hold onto life. And besides, if he could stay alive, it meant he could be there again to save his mistress. Yes, I want to live.

    Then you shall have one more chance.

    Tam Lin sat up, the coat shifting and sliding off his athletic frame. The pain had gone, the wounds had gone, but the blood that stained his body remained. The girl yelped and fled backwards, startled at Tam Lin’s sudden recovery. He rose to his feet, picking up the coat and extending his hand for her.

    His mistress stared up at him with wide eyes, the rose she had been holding discarded by her side. “We must go before the fall of the night, mistress. It will be too dangerous for you then.” The girl, with no other reasonable choice, took his hand.

    She walked slowly, so Tam Lin was forced to slow down to her snail pace. Irritation roiled in his stomach; why did she have to care so little for her safety? By the time they reached the Enchante Sanctuary, night would have fallen and daimons would be prowling the streets restlessly! He could do his best to protect her, but after his near-death, he could make no promise of her safety.

    Eventually, he grew tired of her sluggishness and lifted her into his arms, despite her protest and the smashing of her fists against his ruined chest plate. “Let me go!” she howled, trying to crawl free. Tam Lin closed his eyes and cast a spell, sending waves of cold up the girl until she was so cold she was hugging into him rather than trying to get away. Tam Lin smiled – the Faerie Queen’s gift to him of magic always worked like a charm.

    “W-what’s your name?” she whispered up to the point of his chin. He glanced down at her, his sea-green eyes scanning right into her heart. “I’m Ellie...”

    “Tam Lin,” said his cold blue lips.
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    I don't know where to start.
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    I've tried to write a novella, but it ended badly as I had no more inspiration to finish. I'll just post the first chapter, but understand that I haven't checked. Consider this as a first draft.

    "And remember to have an amazing summer! " the teachers said loudly to the teens while they eagerly wait for the bell. The ring was covered by the lousy scream of the child as they run away from their torture: school. Their screams fill the air as the little beings separated themselves into little group to find their friends while the rest went to home.

    "Wait for me!" a young female voice was heard towards the lone boy. This last one returned himself to see a mass falling on him, and they collapsed on the ground. The boy was first angry, but as soon as he know who it was, he shoved the mass away.

    "Geez, you could have warn me."
    "Aw," she giggled,"Oliver, I knew your sense of humor was jaded, but not than much!"
    "Shut up," Oliver helped her on her feet.

    Hazel; name given due to her hazel eyes. He has to be honest, he doesn't hate her, but she isn't the best either. Hazel stretched herself, saying;

    "Well, well, well; what does a boy like you doing here?"
    "Same thing as you; going back to home."
    "That is what I thought," she grinned and ran away.

    Oliver sighed softly, knowing her she was up to something. Looking towards her, he gasped, trying to catch up to her, pleading to stop the bus. Once sat down next to Hazel, he was about to escape to his world of music until she began to discuss:

    "Say, anything planned for summer, brother?"
    "Studying, of course." he replied. For a moment, she stayed silent, until her lips form a wide smile.
    "We could play a game!"
    "What sort of game?" he asked, turning towards his sister.
    "You know, the one that comes out; Zeranca."

    Zeranca may be the highest hype in the game industry since many years because of the recent breakthrough in the AR (augmented reality) technology. Its promising features included a world fill with fantasies from the minds of dreamers.

    "You know I have no time for child play."

    As soon as Oliver said that, Hazel looked up at him like a dog would look up at his master for a treat. Oliver tried to grip his glance at something else to distract himself, but when his blue eyes met with hers, he couldn't help but blush.

    "Fine!" he said softly.

    She chuckled softly, smirking, as her body and his pressed together in a hug. "Thank you bro!" and Oliver fell into his world of music.

    • • •​

    As soon as the two of them arrived to their house, they went upstairs into an empty room.

    "Computer, start Zeran1.exe."
    "Affirmative," said the electronic voice to them as the room was now loading.
    "See you then, brother..." and Hazel's body disappeared.

    Create a new character and exit were written in front of the lone teen in a stylish way. 'Ungh, hope she is right...'

    It is just a coinsidence that one of the main character's name is Oliver...
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    Hmm.... I keep writing story beginnings but no endings... xD Whatever here's the beginning of my latest story series, "Broken Time Records: Book One: Rewinding Tape"

    Oh, and I haven't edited it yet, so.... -_-

    Ugh, I don't know how to make those spoiler things, so you have to deal with the entire thing on the screen....

    CHAPTER ONE (part one)

    I AM A FAILURE. I’m a coward who’s always caught up in my own things. I’m selfish, I’m self-centered. I think too highly of myself and run away when it really counts. I’d leave behind all my friends and family if it meant that I would survive.

    Yet, despite me being such a coward in life, I somehow was granted the miracle to meet them. It wasn’t until much later that I realized why I had been the one to run into them. Back then, I hadn’t thought of it as a miracle. In fact, even now I have my doubts about them. If my life was written as a book, then that would have been the climax of my story.

    It happened one year ago.

    I am in a terrible mood. Why? Because of all the days that I could of gone grocery shopping, I chose to go today. It was freezing out, and even worse, I only had on a light jacket. Cursing under my breath, I swore to start checking the weather after this.

    The grocery bag bumped on my feet as I walked along, forcing me to stop and re-tie the bag.

    Realistically speaking, I was next to ALWAYS in a bad mood, not that I could help it. I have this funny need for attention, which leads to me acting grouchy in the mornings. When I get to school, I’m usually still grouchy, so the other kids purposely avoid me, making me even more annoyed. It was a repeating cycle with no beginning or end.

    You might be wondering why I’m always grouchy when I wake up. Really, let’s just say I’m not a morning person.

    Every night, I usually can only cram four hours of sleep in, mainly cause I have a bad habit of doing homework at the last second. After doing this for so many years, I’ve successfully managed to form dark circles around my eyes.

    My stomach grumbled and I checked my watch. Seven o’clock. Grumbling, I started to walk faster. I hadn’t even eaten dinner yet!

    Food was one of the two things that kept me running. The second thing was attention, but since I wasn’t very good at receiving attention, I usually substituted it with sleep. Basically, you could say I’m like a car that’s not running on the right type of oil.

    After more walking and cursing, I made it to my front door. I felt around my pockets for the keys, only to discover a small hole where the keys should have been.

    Nothing was going right today.

    Annoyed, I started to ding the door bell, though I already knew no one would answer.

    I have a good-for-nothing mother who spends her days going to work, then sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, or on some occasions, doing nothing at all. She’s been like this since Dad died when I was five.

    If you’re starting to feel sorry for me, I’ll say it now, QUIT IT.

    First of all, I didn’t even remember my dad very well, so it didn’t make that much of a difference.

    Second of all, I’ve gotten along fine with my failure of a mom, so there’s no reason to pity me because of that, either.

    Anyways, I punched the door once, a little too hard, causing an ache in my hand. Sighing and cursing, I lifted up the grocery bag and headed to the park. This would be my second time losing the keys, and the third time spending the night at the park.

    I could’ve climbed through the back window, which was always open, but the last time I did that I got stuck, and I sure wasn’t letting that happen again.

    If I picked the lock, the police would come by thinking I was a robber.

    As if I’d rob my own house.

    The park was about a block away from my home and had tall trees surrounding it, creating a shield from the wind. I sat down on the old wooden park bench carefully, since the last time I’d sat down on it, the old thing had broken.

    I took out my thermos that I always carried around and a cup ramen. The water wasn’t very hot anymore, so I ended up eating stiff noodles, but it was better than nothing.

    I pulled out the flavoring and started dumping it in. Usually I’d stop as soon as the water changed color, but it was so dark out I couldn’t tell when to stop. I ended up eating overly salty ramen. The minute I drank some of the water, I spit it out in front of me, yelling,

    “Sodium intake! Sodium intake!” I snatched the thermos and glugged down half of the remaining water. Finishing the ramen was torture as I needed to shake nearly all the water from every noodle I ate, but it was better than starvation.

    After my dinner, I sat on the bench, thinking.

    My mom always left for work every morning at six and never locked the door. I’d just slip in afterwards and find my spare keys, then go to school. Hmm… but I’d left my homework in my room, so I’d have to come up with an excuse…

    I kicked my feet up once, then dropped them. Heck, I could probably skip school if I wanted to.

    Sadly, I’d already skipped on Monday and Tuesday, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with skipping only one day after my apparent, “illness.”

    The moon had already come out, and I spent a couple of seconds staring at it. There was a full moon tonight, and right then a shooting star flew over the sky. A normal person would have made a wish, but I didn’t. I wasn’t some little kid, there was no way a star could ever grant a wish, and besides, it was impossible to say your wish in three seconds.

    I sighed and closed my eyes. Now what? I just sat there for a while, listening to the sounds of the crickets. After a couple of minutes, I opened my eyes and jumped back.

    “Ah!” I yell once, quickly, then stop myself. What was wrong with me? I never jumped up randomly like that. It must be the sodium intake. The reason I had jumped up was because there was a girl sitting on the bench right next to me. She had chest length brown hair and a gold headband that was tied in a knot on the left side of her hair. At the end of the two strings were two bells, each, that gently ringed in the night breeze. How could I have not noticed her?
    I sit back down again, keeping my head low.

    From the corner of my eye, I see the girl staring at me. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure this girl’s in two of my classes. Figures, I never bothered paying attention to people. I was too obsessed with myself.

    I sigh again and reach for my thermos, only to find it on the ground with the cap off. The water spilled onto the ground, forming a miniature pool in the grass that reflected the moon.

    There goes my water.

    I turn away from the girl and check my watch. Nine o’clock. I couldn’t help but wonder why this girl was here at this hour. I had an excuse. Finally, I take a breath, turn to face her, then ask,

    “What are you doing here this late?” I say in a voice that sounds almost as though I’m bored. At first, her expression is a little shocked, but then she smiles.

    “I could ask you the same thing!” She says, laughing a little.

    I would’ve liked to reply, but how was I supposed to say, “Oh, I dropped my keys and got locked out of my own house, so I’m spending another night in the park.” No way was I telling her that. It sounded stupid even as I THOUGHT the words.

    I don’t say anything else, and neither does she. We both sit there in silence for a couple more minutes. I sigh again. Soon I’ve started rummaging through my shopping bag, trying to find something to eat. I don’t find anything.

    “You’re pretty funny, you know.” I hear a voice say softly, accompanied by a ringing of a bell. I turn to face the girl, who I had forgotten was there.

    I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment, and insult, or a factual comment, so I just shrug.

    The bells ring again as the girl stands up and leaves. She takes one step forward, then turns back to face me again.

    “Hold out your hand.” She says. I male genitals my head to one side but do as I am told. She drops my keys into my hand. I stare at them, dumbfounded. How did she know these were mine? I didn’t have any sort of identification on them, and even more, how did she even know I was the right person to give them to? I just stare at her as she smiles gently again.

    “Well, goodbye. See you next month.” She turns and leaves without looking back. I blink, thinking that I’d imagined the “See you next month.” part.

    I hold my keys up towards the moonlight, and sure enough, they were mine alright.

    I stare at her receding back as the sound of the bells gets softer and softer until they completely disappear and I can no longer see her.

    Once I am sure no one is around, I can’t help but yell out at the quiet night,

    “WHAT WAS THAT!!!!?”

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