Reclist customized for 3 languages (maybe 5 ?) reviews

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    Before someone come and talk, because it does not use any reclist multi-lingual ?, the answer is I n in order to configure the rivers of the oto, and large quantities of samples, and this list has more or less 1400 settings to 3 languages which is already very good for me that I have tendonitis.

    now back to what I came here to do, as I am not very much expert in mount reclist wanted to know the opinion of you, and before anyone say, what this is a compiled reclist I am adding something by myself, and the format of the oto is also very different (minus the VCV and some parts of the CVVC).

    You can edit this document and add things and edit things, feel free to do so, I will analyze the document after you.

    Also I put 3 samples of the 3 languages that I'm working on.

    Note: you are reclist n will be distributed as a final version and will only be used (I hope) in a voice bank that I am projecting, that also will not be distributed (ok, so I have no guarantee)

    List: [Note: Link to this document has a validity of only 30 days]
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