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Discussion in 'Voicebank Updates' started by Defoko, May 2, 2016.

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    Hello~! Mei-Saime here~!

    As of last year, I have created a doujin circle called RingoPan (りんごぱん)! This is a way to help me promote my artwork and current projects for everyone to enjoy. But when I started to work on my UTAULOID, that's where i hit a brick wall. I don't know how to start this music producing part nor have the equiptment to do it…so that's where this little sub-project comes in.

    RingoPan ~Music~ is a sub-circle in my doujin group focusing on music and bringing J-POP and a bit of K-POP to the USA. I've heard and seen the anime community dying bit by bit here in the states and I want to keep the Japan spirit for long lasting people! For anyone that wants to help, here's what I need:

    _Anyone who is really well at UTAU
    _Anyone with experience mixing UTAU voices with music
    _People that can make a nice PV (with my images or with their own)
    _ Anyone that loves to have fun!

    This project might take some time to finish and to begin, due to some people having jobs and school, and I completely understand. I'm in the same boat, so my plan for now was to start this summer and do bit by bit each month. If you don't know, the mascots for this project will be my two UTAU Yuzuko ( and Takeshi ( These two are currently my two starting UTAU and starting this summer or at the end of May, I will begin their voicebanks.

    I also love collaborations with different illustrators as well so you can also join! I hope you liked this little intro and I hope some of you can join!

    My contact email: moc.liamg|55onalletsac.hcaeplatsyrc#moc.liamg|55onalletsac.hcaeplatsyrc

    If you can't get to my email, then you can contact me via direct message on my Twitter: @Mei_Saime

    by [​IMG]Mei-Saime

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    This is Mei-Saime here. This is my original post on the Wiki so if you like to help you can contact me! :3

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