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    UTAU Post Criteria

    • The UTAU must have a voicebank for download. No WIPs that just have art are allowed!
    • The UTAU must comply with the UTAU Usage Policy

    UTAU Post Form

    All the following information must be included before approval. Profiles will be reviewed, cleaned up if necessary, and then moved to the appropriate category. Please include this information in the order as specified.

    • Name & Name Meaning:
    • Gender:
    • Age:
    • Country of Origin:
    • UTAU Series: (if applicable, i.e. UTAU XYZ or POPloids)
    • Voice Type: (i.e. soft, strong, mellow... please describe using 1 or 2 adjectives)
    • Optimum Range: (please use note names like C3-G4 rather than words such as mezzo-soprano, etc.)
    • Encoding: (Romaji or Hiragana filenames?)
    • Aliases: (y/n)
    • Voicebank Type: (CV, VCV, CVVC, more than one or other?)
    • Preconfigured OTO: (y/n)
    • Appends/Multiple Banks: (list or n/a)
    • Languages: (list)
    • Voicebank Download: (links)
    • Voice examples: No more than 2 for a base voice.

    If the UTAU has appends/other languages, only 1 video for each append or language may be added. Links at the start of a line will be auto-embeded.

    If you do not wish to embed the video then use [nobbc]
    [/nobbc] tags, the [nobbc][noembed][/nobbc] tag, or preceed your video links with some text.

    Please use Highslide Thumbnails for large images.

    Example: [nobbc][hs width=100height=100][/hs][/nobbc]

    [hs width=100 height=100][/hs]
    To read more on embeds and BBCode topic see Hentai's BBCode & Embed Guide.
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