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Discussion in 'Requests & Freebies' started by Kiyohime, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Hii there,

    So... I have no idea where I needed to put this thread so I made 1 thread in every sub-category.

    For the good souls, who do it for free (other conditions):
    For the ones who want to trade a voice for a voice:
    For the ones who want money: You are already here xD


    A while ago I adopted an adoptable from lEdogawa (on deviantart). She was a demon and since my UTAU Megami is a demon too, I decided to give her a voice too.
    The main problem with Megami was that you used to sound nasal and powelful, but after voicing her, I've got a young femine voice. But oke, it's suited her design. With RAU, the problem is here again. My voice it to high, to record a (nasal), deep female voice. Which annoys me.
    SO I decide to search a voicer.

    I uploaded an advertise on deviantart, without any results. It seems that people don't understand what a "good quality microphone" is. But anyway.
    Normally the price I offered was:
    CV: 5$
    VCV: 5-15$ (depends on the quality)
    +oto.ini: 2$ - 5$

    Also, I want to know which microphone you use and how many (female) UTAU's you already have or voiced.

    But since nobody react properly let's remove my prices and make new conditions.

    • [*]Give me the name(s) of the female UTAU(s) you have/voiced
      [*]Name the brand of your microphone
      [*]Tell me how much you ask for CV/VCV/APPEND/OTO.ini/whatever you like.
      [*] Give me a voice demo (not necessary but appreciated)

    Here is RAU her design + charactersheet:

    I hope I will finally find someone to voice her OwO

    PS. I'm not that active on this forum. If you want to be sure I read your entry, stalk me on da: http://rebelgirlfrombelgium.deviantart or on YT:

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