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Discussion in 'Requested VB Critiques' started by Matsuban, Dec 7, 2016.

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    So i've been in this fandom for many many years(since November of 2009) but i've never asked for critiques since i thought what i did wasn't good enough in the first place for them. But as i've started accepting them on other things i've managed to grow and improve a lot, So i'd like to finally ask for them. Especially since i feel like Sophia and Zach need to be much better, I mean, If you're going to be a veteran of this fandom, At least be good at it right? haha
    Anyway, Here's sophia;

    And Here's zach;

    I have quite a few banks planned for them in the future, And i'm hoping to really improve them and their appeal.
    A quick thing i'd like to point out, Zachs lowest pitch has a lot of noise on his pentapitch for some reason, I plan to re-record it to fix it before i release him, So i know its there and needs fixing.
    I'm also going to partially steal this thing from Alice since she has her shit together more than me sob, hope thats ok;
    Some things I'm looking for but not limited to:
    • How is the tone. Nasally, strong, weak..etc
    • How is the range. Too small, wide but limited in sound..etc
    • How is the voice, is it annoying, pleasant..etc
    • Would you use it/what genres does this voice suit?
    • How is the oto?
    • How is the overall quality, is it LQ or HQ?
    • Pronunciation
    • Does the bank flow/sound natural?
    Check out her thread too since her utau is better;
    If any of you are wanting to download the banks for a more comprehensive critique, sophia and zach's monopitches are released, but their pentapitches aren't. I can provide a download link though.
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    Hard to go super in depth without downloading the banks myself, but here's my consensus from simply listening to them.

    They both sound pretty choppy, especially Sophia, so I'm assuming they probably just need their otos tweeked. They also sound a bit grainy, but that could either be from poor mic quality or from just not using a good resampler + flag combo; again, I'd have to look at the banks themselves. Their pronunciation is fine, but, again, really choppy on some of the consonants.

    For Sophia, she has a rather nasal tone, but I think it gives her kind of a unique quality. Zach is more solid, and again sounds pretty unique. Though, both of them are pretty expressionless, but that could be attributed to tuning rather than the VBs themselves.

    I see a lot of potential in these UTAU, and I personally like both of them, but as they stand right now, they both need work done if you're aiming for a high quality product.

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