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    Welcome to the Skin Development subforum!

    For the most part the Skin Development System is fairly straightforward and I will try to keep this as simple as possible.

    Earning Voting Tokens

    Everything here is driven by "Voting Tokens" or simply "Tokens". You can earn tokens in a variety of ways:
    • Donating
      Used as a reward for our Kickstarter people who helped fund our XenForo transition were rewarded with Voting Tokens. Though the simplest way of earning tokens it is not always available as donations are usually only turned on when we are fundraising for specific things.
    • Events
      Occasionally the UtaForum staff will hold community events. These events may vary, there may be special prizes involved but all will reward Tokens for simple participation or interaction within the guidelines of the event itself.
    • Contests
      Occasionally the UtaForum staff will hold contests or competitions. These will have a higher barrier of entry than Events and the prizes will be larger but not everyone to participates is guaranteed tokens. Some may have consolation prizes but these are not guaranteed.
    • Contributing Skin Art
      A contest specific to the Skin Development subforum. Full details on the nomination process are below but after a skin has been added to the queue we will solicit the community for art. From there the staff will vote and all entrants will receive 1 token plus additional tokens for every vote received.
    • Converting UtaBucks Currency
      As an official UtaForum Virtual Currency you will be able to exchange UtaBucks earned through using UtaForum for Voting Token as part of the planned forum shop system outlined in UtaForum 4.0: Readying to Leave Beta™. Hopefully we can raise enough money to make this an option.
    Nominating UTAU or Theme

    Once you have some Tokens head over to the Skin Nominations subforum and nominate your UTAU or theme. Create a title with this format:

    [UTAU Name or Theme] (Light or Dark).
    The name of the UTAU or Theme followed by whether you want a Light or Dark theme built around it. Light and Dark themes must be nominated separately.

    Once the thread is created you as OP have to pledge an initial amount of Voting Tokens in the post body. It can be as low as 1 Token or as high as you please. Please use the following format to make your token pledge.

    SYSTEM:PLEDGE # Tokens [Thread Title]
    You MUST use this format exactly because a bot will be scraping the forums to give alert the staff of verified pledges. Replace "#" with the number of tokens you would like to pledge and "[Thread Title]" with the title of the thread you are posting in.

    Tokens will NOT be removed during the pledging process. Making a pledge is simply a promise to pay said tokens in the future if the UTAU or Theme nominated is accepted into the development queue. You must currently have the correct amount of tokens to make a pledge. If for some reason you have insufficient tokens to cover a pledge you may enter a negative Token balance and if your balance exceeds -2 the nomination may fail altogether.

    Confirmed for Development

    Once a Nomination has received enough pledges it will be "confirmed" for development, the initial pledges will be collected, the nomination thread locked and @Defoko will create the appropriate thread in the Confirmed Skins subforum.

    The minimum number of tokens it takes for an UTAU or Theme to be confirmed is 5 tokens. After the first skin has been confirmed the following formula will begin to apply.

    ( S / C ) + (C)
    C = Number of Confirmed Skins
    S = Sum of all Tokens pledged to Confirmed Skins​

    As the development queue gets longer the barrier for entry rises as well. The new barrier of entry will be the average number of pledges received plus a number derived from the absolute number of skins already in the queue.

    Once confirmed the Skin concept enters the development queue automatically with development priority based on the number of pledges the Skin concept has received. You can at any point increase the concept's priority by pledging additional Tokens to the appropriate thread by once again posting the following and forwarding the appropriate number of tokens to Defoko.

    SYSTEM:PLEDGE # Tokens [Thread Title]
    Once your pledge has been verified and Defoko has reciept of your pledged tokens Defoko bot will reply and the pledged balance in the OP will be updated. Once a thread enters Active Development the thread will be locked and no more pledges will be accepted.

    Active Development

    At any point in time there may be up to 3 skins in active development. Drawn from the development queue of UTAU and Themes confirmed for development whatever skin concept that has the most pledges at the time of an opening will be added to the active development listing.

    As part of active development a discussion thread will be opened in the Skin Development root where the concept will be open for discussion and an exact color scheme will be decided. From there the skin developer will make a 'concept skin'. Using the concept skin as a point of reference a contest/event will be created to accept art submissions for the skin.

    Once a minimum of 3 entries are made, the contest will close with a 1 week grace period for pending entries to be entered. From there the staff will vote on the winning art and said art will be added to the 'concept skin' to produce our final style.

    New UtaForum Style Completed!

    Wow, that was neither as short nor as simple as I wanted it to be... I guess this will have to do for now.

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