【Tanaiwa Testuto & Zao Buttermelt】 World's End Dancehall 【UTAUカバー】

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    I've been working on two voicebanks for a while, and now they're almost ready to be distributed! As I'm really happy with how they turned out (especially Zao's VB ), here's a demo?/preview? of those two doing a cover together. As you may have noticed, they sound a bit similar. That's because they both have F4 on their belt.
    But there is a big difference between the two, and hopefully you can catch it.

    so uh, enjoy the cover!

    UST is by Tanjiro! (love your stuff!)
    Original song is by wowaka (I miss you)

    Also if you can't really see the photo and you wanna look at it, I'll post it here, if that's okay.
    Two NEW Voicebanks.png

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