Critique Requested 【重音テト】Aitakatta! / 会いたかった【UTAUカバー】+ UST

Discussion in 'Song Covers' started by kyaranyan, Jul 31, 2020.

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    an akb48 cover! i started using mmd to make basic videos where their is motion available~ still not used to making usts but its alot of fun!
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    It's so cool how you made a whole video for your own cover with a UST made from scratch!! Timing is a little off in some parts, but that's the intricacy of transcribing human singing to machine singing. I have never listened to the original song, but everything sounds on-key and the timing during the chorus was good!

    The mixing is ok in terms of volume levels, but the voice still sounds separate from the instrumental. Adding a little reverb just to the vocals can help a lot in this case, but I also recommend looking at videos on mixing voice to a two-track instrumental to get some techniques like EQing to carve out a little space for the vocals within the instrumental. Mixing tutorials can get really complicated because a lot of them are made by pros with crazy software and plugins, so just take what is useful to you and don't worry too much about which thingamabob they're using to add a little pizzaz to the mix.

    The video is so cute! The background fit the song, and Teto was adorable especially during the handwaving parts. Doing camera motions was my favorite part of using mmd back when I had a Windows computer, so I hope you'll experiment with that a little more in the future!

    All in all thanks for sharing, I can tell a lot of love went into this for sure ^_^

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