Things IN the Utau Community That Bother You?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Arissa, Aug 2, 2017.

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    I think the "do things for yourself mentality" was essentially used in response to the community being heavily flooded with everyone finding their own groups and popularity. Of course when you put time and effort into something, you want some form of acknowledgement. However, when you don't receive attention, you (not you, but in general) then feel as if your work isn't as good as you thought it to be and then you start to hate being in this community.

    I, for example, have been here since what I consider the golden age (2010-2012). Looking at my track record, my videos are unpopular, my utau is unknown, and even as I post today, the most views I get is 30 on Youtube. But I love my utau character and improving them. I love making covers and learning new techniques in the program. Now do I get disappointed? Yes. Do I get discouraged? No. This is just me however.

    But I can also see how that "do things for yourself mentality" can come across like the saying "money doesn't bring you happiness" (especially when coming from the people who have money :/)
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    Ok, here is an another gender related topic:

    What I dislike is that people still used "trap" or "okama" for cross dressing male or using "hermaphrodite" or "futanari" of an intersex person.

    There's nothing wrong with cross dressing itself or being intersex but I hope that people would stop using "trap", "okama", "hermaphrodite" and "futanari" because these words are disgraceful and OFFENSIVE to real life LGBTQ people (I can say that in this community there are quite many people that are part of LGBTQ - including myself in).

    And another thing that bothers me that especially older UTAU made in 2008-2010 that aren't cisgender, many of their gender is "a joke" (*cough cough* Namine).

    For "joke" I mean that I'm fed up seeing random, let's say, 25 years old cross-dressing male that sounds 100% female, having real big melon boobs and perfect hour glass shaped body and fats on waist plus having 100% female voice and not sounding Androgynous at all.

    Sorry kids but this isn't realistic at all: Person who is cross dresses doesn't take hormones/body surgeries so that their body is shaped completely like females (yes people, transgender =/= cross dressing) and it's really REALLY unusual that male person sounds 100% feminine because how hormones and such works (I'm not saying that male having feminine voice isn't possible but TBH I only know pinch of an adult cisgender guys that sounds very feminine and high voice).

    And what bugs me that there's so so many this kind of UTAU that I described: I have seen this more than dozens - maybe even hundreds - times (can we please get a cross dresser that actually sounds masculine/androgynous for a chance???)

    Even tho there are "joke" ones, I'm happy that people in last 3 or 2 years(?) people are starting to make more actually genuine feeling non-binary and transgender etc characters but I still see sometimes misusing of terms and such.

    My advice is that if you ever want to create LGBTQ character, do RESEACH of non-offensive & proper terms and what the each term actually means. Also, AVOIDING stereotypes (e.g. Not all gays are feminine or that all lesbians are butch) and that sexuality =/= gender =/= gender expression =/= personality.

    Don't try to pretend to be "cool" or "funny" for slapping a random nonsense gender on the character: This has been done hundreds of times already- can we move up, please? There's nothing cool about trolling with it, there's nothing cool about a joke about it. It's actually can be quite harmful like Namine Ritsu was for me. <= I'm serious.

    Thank you taking a time reading this, I go now.
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    another thing that pisses me off that people will look down on you if you try to be friends with other UTAU users as if they have an ulterior motive. but i disgress.


    also, people who are vague on their critique. like people who say that part needs fixing but don't mentiom the timestamps

    A: "this part of the song sucks"
    B: "okay but wher e?¿¿"
    A: " just sucks and you should feel bad"
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    I think if someone's going to criticize others work should do it properly like I get what you mean man like some people just dislike but don't explain why

    How is someone meant to get better from that
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    1. Mainly people who get pissed over everything :L It's kinda strange that alot of the people i have been here seem to be like that :L
    2. People here get banned pretty easily(???) and casted aside getting the work shit on
    3. How most of the fanbase (from what i've seen) are 12 - 16 year olds that don't know how to keep there mouth shut and start drama :L

    but yeah that it i guess
    Please don't yell at me OTL
    Just an opinion i guess???

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