Tsukine Sayuri ACT 3 [Multipitch]

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    • Name & Name Meaning: Tsukine Sayuri [月音 咲裕里]; A sound from the moon in a village of cherry blossoms
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 22 [not set in stone, ages with each birthday the voicer has]
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • UTAU Series: N/A
    • Voice Type: gentle, young, velvety
    • Optimum Range: F3 - C#6
    • Encoding: romaji (rentan)
    • Aliases: yes (romaji + hiragana)
    • Voicebank Type: CV
    • Preconfigured OTO: yes
    • Appends/Multiple Banks: no
    • Languages: Japanese
    • Voicebank Download: app.box.com/s/qlwlonn4wqladogx9ohg
    • Voice examples: https://soundcloud.com/sayuri-tsukine/tsukine-sayuri-act-3-demo-reel
    6_Jpop CDJapan

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