UTASwap Guidelines [Updated 06/12/2019]

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    These guidelines have been updated 06/12/19.
    • Full trading is NOT required, though strongly encouraged.
      • Requests may only be posted in the Requests subforum.
      • Trades may only be posted in the Trades subforum.
      • Offers should be posted to the Commission subforum and prefixed appropriately.
    • Use appropriate thread prefixes and tag your content. Each thread is required a minimum of 2 prefixes (status & payment type) and at least 1 content tag (Art, OTO, etc.).
    • Threads may be bumped by OP every 14 days. Bumping is encouraged in this subforum.
    • Threads MUST be bumped every 90 days. If a thread is not bumped it may be prefixed "Inactive".
    • You may only have 1 (one) open UtaSwap thread in each subforum at a time.
    • You may have a 2nd thread so long as ONE thread's prefix is "Free".
    • Traded art MUST be your own. Illegal redistribution of USTs, voicebanks, MMD models, etc. is not tolerated.
    • No UTAUwhoring "mutual trade" advertising. (i.e. "I'll use yours if you use mine!")

    Examples of what may be traded:
    • Design concepts
    • Song art
    • PV assistance
    • Voice donors
    • USTs
    • Custom (legal!) MMD models
    • Searching for USTs/karaokes
    • Romaji converted JP voicebanks
    • Reclists
    • Voicebank creation assistance (aliasing, oto.ini, noise removal, etc)
    UtaForum claims no responsibility for trades made in this subforum. Each user is responsible for their own trades. That noted, scamming is not tolerated and is grounds for instant perma-ban if caught.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the staff.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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