UtaSwap Section Updates (2019 Edition)

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    Sometime between since I last did a cleanup the UTASwap forum specific rules thread disappeared. I went ahead and re-created the rules sticky and clarified some of the older rules that were a bit confusing.

    UTASwap Guidelines [Updated 06/12/2019]

    Beyond that I did some Tag Prefix updated marking some 100+ threads inactive. As per the UtaSwap guidelines, this is the one section of the forum that is made for self-promotion, bumping is not only allowed by the rules but it is REQUIRED.

    You can bump your own threads every 2 weeks, it is recommended you bump every 3 months to make sure your OP is up to date. If you fail to keep your OP updated and bump your thread regularly the staff may mark your thread INACTIVE.

    If your thread was marked inactive in this last sweep, feel free to update your OP, bump your thread, and change the Thread Prefix back to OPEN. Remember, the thread prefixes are on the top right of OP under "Thread Tools > Edit Thread".

    Alternatively, you can delete & recreate your threads, that is an option too. You all should have self-delete permissions in that subforum. Remember, maximum of 1 thread per subforum, with +1 thread if you are offering something "Free".
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