[UTAU Cover] Childish War [Maro & Mari Wajima]

Discussion in 'Song Covers' started by rmL, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Well, I just made my first UTAU cover since re-joining the community, yay! This is also an opportunity for me to re-introduce my UTAUloids as well re-learn the whole song editing and mixing thing so let me know any pointers for improvement. Thanks!!

    Title: おこちゃま戦争 (Okochama Sensou/Childish War)
    Originally sung by Kagamine Len & Rin (sm22349544)
    music/arrange: ギガ (Giga-P)
    lyrics: れをる (Reol)
    UST: Kream (UtauReizo) (youtube.com/watch?v=A8pecVE7yGU)
    vocals: VrmL|00 Wajima Maro CV ver. 1.0.1

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