[UTAU Cover] Handbeat Clocktower [Roosaamu & Kagene Satsuki]

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    Was bored earlier. So I did this.
    I was supposed to do Servant of Evil, but eh, this song.
    I love it, so I covered it. There.

    I didn't change the lyrics from "a portrait of a girl" to "a portrait of a boy" because reasons.
    Did change "mother" to "father" though.


    Original Singers: KAITO, Kaai Yuki, Kagamine Rin and Len
    Producer: mothy / AkunoP

    KAITO -> Roosaamu © suzuaki
    Kaai Yuki -> Kagene Satsuki © Himeka
    Kagamine Rin and Len -> Fuwa Mario and Maria © nanaro / 776-chan

    UST © NeeMiSo
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