[UTAU Cover] I Give Up [Yozane Iimo VCCV English]

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    I Give Up.png

    WARNING: This video contains mildly flashing colors and images. Please watch with caution.

    This should have been done a while ago, but I had so much trouble from the art to the video that it ended up taking me a month. It should have been done along with her English 1.5 update and even before then when the cover was first uploaded onto SoundCloud. I was so busy working on her character art and other stuff that I didn't get around to it until recently. This video was the most difficult for me to make so far; I got so art blocked in the beginning and timing the transitions for the faster parts took forever. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't do a lot of effects like in the original video because I'm limited to Windows Movie Maker, but hopefully one day I can buy a better video making program. Overall I'm really happy with how this turned out. I want to make even bigger and better things.

    This art and video is loosely inspired by the work of Galgani (art) and Misaki97 (video) who worked on the original PV.




    ■ SONG: Me Rindo | I Give Up
    ■ MUSIC & LYRICS: Aku-P
    ■ ORIGINAL: Mike
    ■ UTAU: ヨザネ イーモ VCCV ENGLISH | Yozane Iimo VCCV English
    ■ UST: Makku-sandesu
    ■ RENDER & MIX: Makku & Yozane

    ヨザネ イーモ (Yozane Iimo) is voiced and owned by Yozane.
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    OMG!!! I can't get over how good this video is!! Thank you so much Skuidd!! You're the best!! How you do things like this in WMM I will never know!!!
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