[UTAU] If Possible, I’d Like to Become Your Family [Matsudappoiyo Light]

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    so was anyone going to tell me that matsudappoiyo got a new voicebank, or was i just going to have to hear that myself in an akem cover.

    also i first listened to this song because hot snake boy and it turns out it's both a good song and very sweet as well. how about that.

    ps im working on another light cover due to all those extra sounds. ooh.

    Title: If Possible, I'd Like to Become Your Family (あわよくばきみの眷属になりたいな)
    Music/Lyrics: Peg
    Video: Numata Zombie (沼田ゾンビ)
    Singer: Matsudappoiyo Light (松田っぽいよ Light)
    UST: さくらゆめの
    Translation: aquariantwin
    Subs: Mage

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