【UTAU Original】Warbeast【Kumone Jakuon VCCV English】 + UST, Off Vocal, Voicebank Downloads

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    Kumone Jakuon VCCV: www.mediafire.com/download/ddi2aca…VCCV_English.zip

    MP3/Off vocal/UST/VSQx: www.mediafire.com/download/88tt3t8…78d/Warbeast.zip

    Heeeeey Jaku is six years old today so I thought it would be a good time to release her new English VCCV. Not that I would know why you would want her hideous voice on your hard drive, but there you go I guess.

    This song was started in October and has been through production hell but it's finally done. It was meant to be a collab but no one actually wanted to do anything, so I did everything myself. It's done, but I haven't gotten the chance to make a video and put it on Youtube. Hopefully that'll happen in the coming months.

    But for now, it's here.

    The art I used for the icon is by Myst.


    In a time long ago
    We fought for a better world
    On our backs does it show
    The scars left when we were hurled

    Although it seems hopeless
    We can keep going on
    Looking past now as the tale unfolds
    We have sacrificed and endured
    Countless grievances and yet
    We die in vain

    Stars are the only light out tonight
    The hunger calls we must stay out of sight
    Resolve is all that we hold dear
    And yet my body shakes full of fear

    The cold seeps through my skin
    Will I feel again
    Darkness closes in
    No escape

    Nothing moves through here
    Just still atmosphere
    Listen closely -- no sting or sound
    Silence keeps us safe
    But we are too late
    Shadows hunt us through every round
    We have reached out so far
    We are wearing thin, can't hold on
    Vision blurs, the world fades
    Hope has left us all

    Empty eyes stare past
    Lifeless, we won't last...

    Somehow, I can stand
    What is this new strength?
    Power surges through
    My right hand!

    Storms and lightning come
    Strike at my old foes
    Nothing to save from burns and blight
    My rage fuels me now
    Bodies fall around
    Nothing can stop this blood and thirst
    I know, can't bring them back,
    Yet I'm still hungry for much more
    I've become a beast now
    The result of our long war
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