UTAU Panel + Fan Meet MTAC 2017

Discussion in 'Conventions & Cosplay' started by MystSaphyr, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Hey everyone! I've already posted this elsewhere, but I'll be hosting an informative UTAU panel at this year's Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (April 14-16 in Nashville, TN)!

    I do not yet have a solid date/time for the panel, but once I do I'll post my usual convention video on YT and update this thread. I'm attending the con with my good friend (and Studio VOXYZ web host) Pachi, who will be assisting me in a live recording/otoing/tuning demo.

    After the panel, I plan to have some cute Defoko shrinkfilm charms and/or stickers to hand out, and I'd like to extend an offer to have an UTAU fan meet to maybe grab something to eat or drink and chat voice synths!
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