【UTAU RELEASE】ブリキノダンス (Buriki No Dance) 【Milk / ミルク】 VB + PV

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    After nearly 2 years, Milk is here! A lot of work by a lot of people brought them into creation and I'm so grateful for everyone who helped me along the way. I'm very emotional aaaaaaa q~q, I hope you enjoy them and the video!!

    They are 6 pitches, F3, A3, D4, G4, PowerC5 and Falsetto. They have a multitude of breaths, end breaths, beginning and ending vocal fry, glottal stops, L's and ExVOICE samples included.

    Cover: DiPi https://twitter.com/dippy_dipi_da
    Video: ron https://twitter.com/noctolio
    Illustration: Muffight3r https://www.instagram.com/muffight3r
    Ust: marukun
    Milk "Official" art: Matsuda_toki https://twitter.com/matsuda_Toki

    This is the first time I've ever recorded such a big bank filled with so many extras, so I'm sure there may be things wrong sometimes. Please bear with me/Milk, I will continue to work to make them better!!
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