UTAU RPG/visual novel/game project master list

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    Title. Now that I have nowhere else to ask...
    Please help make this list crowded! Google search is a potato when I want to search these things.

    Okay rules are
    - It needs to be UTAU related! (featuring at least one UTAU character)
    - Finished/beta* only!
    - You may feature your own game projects.
    - NSFW/R-18 stuff is okay. Y'know, like gore or bed stuff.
    - Any genre is okay.

    *Since there's probably a lot of game projects that aren't finished yet/dead potato, if you have a beta WIP you may attach it, if not then just link an official website or smt similar to follow.

    Except for these ones that I've already found and played...
    Feel free to list them out I guess? It'll be great if you could supply a download link or a let's play (if the game has been taken down for some reason) because I wanna play/watch it~

    Thanks a lot ;w;/

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