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    Name: AMY
    Age: Ageless but if she had an age she would be 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Height: 5"5
    Weight: secret
    Species: Android
    Personality: AMY can be very cold and introverted when you first meet her, due to trust issues. She looks intimidating but she really isn't that bad. She can actually be nice,,,when she wants to be.
    Likes: Singing, candy, horror movies, music, having friends, quiet places
    Dislikes: Dancing, talking about her past, people making fun of her skin, getting interrupted
    Character Item: Black Lollipop
    Backstory: AMY was created as a android musical artist as an experiment to see if an android
    star would make more money than a human. She was programmed to be a blank slate, as she has no heart. One day she accessed secret files about herself(basically why she exists) and gains a heart and mindset. She runs away from the music industry and lives among us, still on the run.
    [Art and Design by Me]
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