[UTAU] White Happy [Kohaku Merry Acrobat]

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    There's really no point, is there?

    idk if anyone ever actually reads my ramblings but ive been watching a shitton of anime (mononoke and hozuki no reitetsu were highlights) and finally finishing fire emblem 9 so i could start on 10. i love my gay codependent dragon son guys he's a crit machine even after radiant dawn's nerfs to mages.

    Title: White Happy (ホワイトハッピー)
    Music/Lyrics/Art: MARETU
    Singer: Kohaku Merry Acrobat (戯白メリー Acrobat)
    Other Voices Used: Kohaku Merry Cigar box (戯白メリー Cigar box)
    Matsudappoine flower (松田っぽいね flower)
    UST: akem and RenjiTakuma
    English Translation: Hazuki no Yume
    Subtitles: TheBlackCero

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