WIP Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】*Hello, Planet【カゼヒキ】

Discussion in 'Song Covers' started by linku, Feb 11, 2019.

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    This is my first actual cover I'm doing with UTAU, I've had it for about a week give or take. I've done a couple of tests before this, but that's it, so it's pretty rough, but bear with me.
    I feel like the verses should be a bit more staccato, and there are a couple areas in the chorus such as the link between the "ohayou"s that could be messed with as well.
    Any tips or pointers? I'm using the カゼヒキー鎮痛剤ー voicebank with moresampler, just in case you need to know. This VB is a 5 scale VCV, and while the creator of Kazehiki recommends TIPS for the resampler, it just doesn't work well for him in my experience, particularly not for longer notes.

    Thanks in advance!

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