【UTAUカバー】 い〜やい〜やい〜や 【コナトレ】

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    (Copying this from my Soundcloud upload)
    Wow, so this was a big project for me to work on lol
    I originally covered this song like around early 2018 and it sounded terrible. So since I know how to mix and tune (finally), I decided to redo my cover and make it into a 4 UTAU cover!
    Conatre (コナトレ) is the name of a fictional UTAU band/group I made that features Haruka Nana, Kasane Teto, Kokonose Miko and Ou're

    I haven't used them all together like this since my Pascal Beats cover so it was really fun getting to use them all together again! I feel like all their voices have an interesting sound when they blend together~
    Eventually I'll work on a video release for this but I'm too lazy to do that right now lol
    Also can I talk about how much I relate to this song??? Finally looked at the English translation to this and I was like "That me"

    Okay I'm done blabbering, please enjoy the cover!


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