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Would this be a good premise for a vocaloid/utau series/song with a pair of twins and a third voice?

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  1. 수연 <Suyeon>

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    This won't be the most organized/grammatically correct writing, as I literally just woke up and wrote down all that I was able to recall (most if not all of it) from the dream I awoke from. I can honestly see this as a song/series using Rin/Len/Lily or any twin UTAU and a 3rd one with a similar voice/color scheme.


    setting: a room with a single window outside and naked lightbulb inside. The walls are lined with movies and books. There is a table, dresser, but appears to be no bed.

    character: a male androgyne character and female androgyne character. They both appear to not be seen by others that come in and out of the room, but for one person. they both switch back and forth between being alone and together. the male androgyne is rougher in language, has more bravado. the female is maternal, softer, more empathetic.

    unseen group of men. they see that the room is empty, but for the shadows of the andrgyne characters on the wall. they throw objects and shoot guns at the aparitions to the glee of the male androgyne character who laughs.

    older, plump woman. she is the only one able to see and communicate with the androgynes.

    younger, spritely woman. she doesn't see the aparitions but speaks to the older woman of good news that she is expecting. the female androgyne is both estatic for the young woman and filled with remorse and envy.

    the male and female andrgyne attempt to consumate only to end up being destroyed, combined, and everything ripping away until nothing is left but a lone figure, slumped over in the middle of the room. the lone figure is completely still, completely silent, completely unresponsive. the androgynes are completely gone - not even their shadows remain.

    the older woman comes in, turns off the light, leaves, and locks the door.

    the lone figure is the true form of the androgyne twins, who suffers from personality disorder or possibly bipolar. the room is the inside of their head, now entirely in disarray and devoid of life, the lone figure having finally gone completely insane and commiting suicide. the older woman was their nurse, the young woman her daughter.

    - end -
  3. comet3

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    This is really cool. And creepy... :creepy:
  4. oteto

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    Whoa, that sounds like it needs one of those white lines on black pvs! Pretty awesome, but myself, im not into suicidey songs.

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