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    I need some help downloading some voicebanks and wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find romaji converted voicebanks of these characters:

    Fuuga Koto


    Asane Bou

    Nagone Mako

    Honoka Mei

    Karasu Rebellion

    Yamine Renri

    Utaune Nami

    Shinta Amaine

    Nene Nene

    Suiga Sora

    Suige Sara

    Shirakane Hiyori

    I would perfer VCV banks but I will settle for CV
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    Is there a particular reason you're looking for Romaji?
    If you want to type lyrics in romaji, please mind that VCV lyrics must be written in a combination of Hiragana and Romaji to work properly, even if the file names are entirely in romaji.

    If your computer can't handle file names that are in Hiragana, you either need a different unzipping program or you haven't set your locale.
    These are both good programs that can handle a variety of formats.
    Mac: https://theunarchiver.com/
    Windows: https://www.7-zip.org/

    Locale is a different issue entirely. Mac users will not have to deal with it unless you're running the Windows version of UTAU through Wine. Windows users should set their locale to Japanese before installing UTAU and any related software. Changing your locale will allow UTAU to function normally. It will NOT change the language of your computer, so you can safely continue to use all other software in your preferred language. Here's a guide to change it: https://java.com/en/download/help/locale.xml
    Once it's properly set, please uninstall UTAU, then redownload it from the official website and reinstall it.
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    There’s actually romaji to Hiragana plug-ins as well as cv to cvc plug-ins you can download to make it possible to use those all UTAU
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    I don't know of any romaji voicebanks for those UTAU you mentioned. However, nmasao1 has made a hiragana -> romaji voicebank converter. Though it doesn't work with all voicebanks. (It has trouble with vbs that have a suffix added to the alias, like Teto sakebi. But VCV banks with little to no extras like Sukone Tei work fine.)
    See the video linked below for the download and instructions on how to use.

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