Original [VoXil feat. AHS Trio] Hymn of Memorial 〜ab’di〜 [VOCALOID Original]

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    "in life and even death, we will sing this Hymn of Memorial"

    Happy 10th Anniversary Kiyoteru, Yuki, and miki!! May you be with us for many years to come!
    ab'di was in fact a lot of firsts for me; and as it is with firsts, they aren't always the best but nevertheless, I enjoyed creating this song a lot.

    I hope you all enjoy it!

    Vo_Xil (Composition, Lyrics, Mix)
    DystoP (Kiyoteru Tuner, and Mastering)
    Yellow Matsu (Yuki Tuner)
    OrlyPep (miki Tuner)
    hq (Illustration)
    cliesel (Video)

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