What kind of habits does your Utau have?

Discussion in 'UtaOC' started by Rin-a-DingDing, Jun 11, 2017.

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    Whether bad, good or unusual, I'd like to know what kind of habits your utau tend to have. :sing:

    For my utau, Yuki, she would have about 4 habits,
    1. She'll usually eats a stock of celery every time she gets home.

    2. When she's late on work she'll take an all nighter until she gets it done but when she gets to bed she'll forget to turn out the lights which raises her electric bill.

    3. Whenever she has to wait or sit for a long period of time her leg will start to get restless she won't really notice until someone points it out.

    4. She usually carries a sewing kit on her when the time comes.
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  3. Pixys

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    1.Masha tends to stare at people, she doesn't do it to be rude, it just means shes interested in them.

    2. not really a habit, but something she likes to do : detach her limbs in public places to see people's reactions. she does this too often.

    3. whenever she sees a new piece of technology or equiptment (like a blender, printer, or computer) she sometimes tries to talk to it. she doesnt realize it cant understand her/it isnt even remotely alive. none of her friends tell her because they think its funny
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  4. aza

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    1. Mario's resting face looks like he's usually angry, but that doesn't mean he's always angry

    2. Whenever Maria sees something cute, she will do anything to buy it even if it costs her a lot of money

    3. Mario tends to stay up late

    4. Maria would usually fidget with a fidget cube when she's bored
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  5. Animé Fan

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    Whenever Q.P.'s feeling really down in the dumps (such as being insulted or told off), an invisible bubble literally forms around him and there's no way to break him out.

    O.G. "squees" at the sight of children's fairytale costumes. Why? Because they're adorable, of course!

    D.T. always carries his pepper spray gun with him and would usually show it first before his face, especially during introductions.

    J.C. shouts out "mansae" whenever he's feeling happy, excited, etc.

    K.C. likes to imitate martial arts moves, no matter how ridiculous they look.

    Because he really doesn't know better, I.V. tends to put his foot in his mouth a lot.

    Whenever R.E. looks at girls, he vexingly says to himself "Why are they always blushing?".

    Due to his poor treatment, X.3. cries a lot; sometimes, he'd cry at the most inopportune moments or for no apparent reason.
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    ooh ooh what a cute thread, i want to answer !!
    kek my utau... ryata... he has a lot of bad habits.
    - for one, he is incredibly lazy, and is always in denial of how lazy he is.
    - he doesnt deny that he's always tired though, because he is.
    - ryata will fall asleep anywhere and often creates messes around the house.... and about sleeping, he does that way too much as well.
    - however, when he isn't asleep, ryata is probably eating. he's a little bit of a glutton.
    - never leave your plate out! he will eat it... he'll probably eat your leftovers too. and your lunch. he never asks though!! that's too scary.
    - he falls asleep at the table a lot. even at fancy occasions. (not when dessert is out though, sweets are his favorites.) and also during conversation.
    it's a miracle that he even sings at all!! ryata spends all of his time alone (well, he tries.) because he is painfully shy.
    lmao i hope you enjoyed reading this if you didddd

    what a terrible personality for a terrible utau... HAH
    [​IMG] (its him... hes pleasant, ik.)
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  7. SatanicPotato

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    AMY always fidgets and plays with her hair and fingers when she's nervous or bored.
  8. Akriel

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    Akriel likes to meow like a cat sometimes, especially when he's around his husband. It's become a weird habit of his and he grows more fond of doing so with each meow!

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