What voicebanks are you planning on recording for your utau? 'v'

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  1. stacelul

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    I'm planning a VCV normal bank, VCV soft append, VCV power append...not sure what else. xD
  2. HydroChromatic

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    Going to record a 3 pitch CV + VV Japanese voicebank with my friends since they are all starting their own UTAU and I wanna join in and make a voicebank to match theirs.
    I also want to make another English CVXC vb that is hopefully multipitch but that might be overkill. (CVXC is my english method for utau of 1600 samples and ~3,000 otos. This is something recent done with it: )

    I also need to go back to the method and refine some issues with it as well though so oof.
  3. azazel

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    I'm planning to make more vbs for maria, that being her cute append and an english vb

    As for mario, he'll be getting a whisper vb and an english one as well! it might be arpasing or vccv but I can't decide ^^;
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  4. kanomwan

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    I'm working on : (a.k.a Things I am procrastinating on)

    - Kanomwan

    1. 3 pitch cvvc
    2. 1 pitch cvvc
    3. 1 pitch spanish vccv
    4. 1 pitch vcv
    - I WA
    1. 3 pitch cvvc
    2. 1 pitch thai vccv
    - Roj
    1. 1 pitch vcv
    2. 5 pitch cvvc
    3. 1 pitch thai vccv

    I 'm planning on :

    - Kanomwan
    1. English bank (vccv? arpasing? delta? idk)
    3. Finnish cvvc
    4. multipitch thai vccv
    5. multiappend vb
    6. a vcv bank that sound like I'm in pain (???)
    - I WA
    1. English bank (vccv? arpasing? delta? idk)
    2. CV update
    3. kire?
    4. moan vb(if I can)
    5. vcv with creepy voice
    - Roj
    1. soft multipitch (cvvc/vcv idk)
    2. English bank (vccv? arpasing? delta? idk)
    3. moan vb(if I can)
    4. multiappend vb
    5. vcv
    - 4L1C3
    1. power cvvc
    2. soft cvvc
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  5. Haichou

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    These are all my plans, but a lot of them will probably be forgotten because I'm extremely lazy. I underlined the ones I've started/tried to start.

    Edit: forgot to mention number of pitches!

    - 4-pitch power VCV (3 power, 1 falsetto)
    - 3-pitch whisper VCV
    - 3-pitch soft VCV
    - 3-pitch "cute"(?) VCV
    - 3-pitch kire and reverse kire VCV (I might combine the core/soft/power VBs)
    - 3-pitch older/deeper VCV
    - 2-pitch English... VCCV?
    - 1-pitch Spanish VCCV (unless CVVC is used more often)
    - 1-pitch screamo CVVC

    Yuri's brother (Yuzuru?):
    - 2-pitch core CVVC
    - 3-pitch power CVVC
    - 1 or 2-pitch English VCCV? Arpasing? Not sure yet.
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  6. 幸兔雪 (Yukito Yuki)

    幸兔雪 (Yukito Yuki) Defoko's Slaves Supporter Defender of Defoko

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    I just finished oto’ing Lychee’s CVVC Mellow Append ver 2! (I could finish this much earlier if my mood wasn’t down for over a week and I wasn’t hooked in back to Pokémon games - whoops)

    I think that I’ll also going to fully oto Lychee’s Chinese VB next that was just a test recording my custom reclist.

    When I get a time, I think to record new voicebanks for Senchou the next (wanna get a little break from voicing Lychee *haha*): VCV, if possible an Append too.

    I think to give for Lychee Mellow voice version of each VB type that she has already as normal voice, so she can hit lower notes better (Mellow Finnish, Mellow VCV, Mellow Chinese).

    Aki Chinese ver 2 and possibly new languages(s) OR English update would be cool some day.

    For now I don’t have other updates in my mind. I have done UTAU for like soon 5 years, so I have done almost all what I’m able/want/need at this point. Maybe my plans changes, who knows? Maybe I can come up with something cool new?
  7. FiftiesYoungin

    FiftiesYoungin Everyone's Best Friend :3 Supporter Defender of Defoko

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    Who knew a thread I made could be so active O_O
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  8. Iris Dragonoure

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    I'm wanting to rerecord Noke and Hana, and maybe make Korean banks for both Hana and Wikter.
    I want to redo Kiseki Noke entirely. Not that her voicebank is bad, but that I have much better voice control now and I can reach higher notes in my chest range without being uncomfortable. I want to incorporate this in Noke's voicebanks.

    I want to redo Noke Korean, because I know it can be better. I want to give her some type of English voicebank, probably Arpasing. I want to work more on her clarity and pronunciation.
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  9. automatiqueP

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    Shinnosuke Plans:
    1. ORPHEUS extended bank
      -Whisper / Softer voice - + Shinnosuke Talk (Bright)
      VCV 7 mora: 4 pitch (G2, D3, G3, D4) + whisper (TIRED)
    2. BAAL extended bank
      -Power / Extention banks- + Shinnosuke Talk (Rebel)
      (MAIN) VCV: Strong / Power Voice VCV 7 mora tripitch: A2, G#3, F4
      (DEATH) CVVC: Gutural Samples C#2
      (AGONY) CVVC Screamo samples D#3
      (RYUKOKA) Vocal fry + enka samples
    Hikari Plans
    1. Base voice
      VCV 7 mora: Tripitch D3, F4, C5
    2. SOPHIA extended
    3. ISHTAR extended
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