What's your utau journey? (share your experience!)

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    So, we've all gotten to a certain point in the journey of enjoying and using utau, so why not share those stories? I think we should personally, it's a nice thing to know. I'll start off with my little story I guess.

    It sort of started when a friend of mine started sending these songs to me, I had no clue they were computer generated at all and all of that stuff, and needless to say I was totally outright floored, I slowly realized they were using a program (through observation of many skype calls) and eventually I saw the exact program, rejoice! it was utau. Now, I never thought I would EVER be able to make a voicebank, but a few months later I decided to stay up super late and I recorded a cv, it took me several hours. (yep, hours) it was horribly pronounced and was downright bad, put it that way. It was a mess. However, after also otoing it myself (and having no clue as to what I was doing) boom, first utau. I loved him, I felt acomplished and all that, and I started to make covers- but then came a little wake up call. I saw how good others were and lets just say I sunk down low, I was really upset that I wasn't as good, but I had only been using utau for a month. I felt really upset, but pushed on and recorded the first version of r-poid, (named rhianna at the time, after me) and well... bad oto. BAD OTO. but once again I was sort of happy, but I wasn't content. I flew over to deviantart and found myself getting a new oto, and one day later I was basically screaming with happiness, and I stayed like this for a few months.

    Of course, then came the next part- murmur. I was basically screaming into the mic to record her and um... she turned out... okay? She was recorded on a computer mic (rip) and she was well otoed by the same friend who introduced me to utau, and needless to say, I was damn happy with her. She's been around for a long time now, but I still felt bad. My friend was so far ahead and I was too under the weather to re record anything because I was scared of messing up, and I hit a dead end for a while.

    After that though, I woke up and figured that utau wasn't about being better than others completely, so I moved on and worked towards getting a mic, and that's what I did. After that I tried to re-record murmur, it was horrid, and it took me months to re record her, but as of now she's being upgraded to a cvvc because I know how to voice her, but otherwise she's pretty good. Oh, and I figured out how to pronounce stuff better (finally!)

    A bit later, I recorded a four pitch cv, (finally r-poid arrived) and I had recorded lots of vcvs but never otoed them, I was really scared of vcv so i sticked to cv, and finally learned how to oto cv. I made glitch around this time, and also Alexi (WHO NEEDS A DAMN UPDATE, I'll probably turn to you guys) And I felt really good.

    I met some newbies, coached them, (that's how violetta came to be) but stayed in my lane and still considered that I was a newbie, I mean, heck, I've only been here for a year. As for where I am now, I plan to hopefully get into chinese and other language voicebanks, and upgrade to vcv eventually, as for now, I feel pretty good.

    So, what about you guys?
    Also no worries about it being long, haha.
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    Flashback to eighth grade me...
    I was really getting into Vocaloid stuff and then I discovered Macne Nana.

    Back then, I was like a huge tard for the Macne banks, learning as much as I could about them. I had a vague knowledge of UTAU, and learned that legally you could put the Macne samples into UTAU if you had purchased their banks for Reason/Garageband. Eventually, this led to me really wanting to put my voice into UTAU, and overall being enchanted with the technology of vocalsynths.

    Unfortunately at the time, I did not have a desktop computer of my own, so I was left there fantasizing about my future UTAU. I went through various concepts: A gothic lolita that wasn't even lolita, a huge russian girl that followed the Miku formula, some male concepts...eventually I did get a desktop computer and thought, hey, I should record an UTAU! However, I was a bit over my head and decided to jump right into a 7 mora VCV reclist. Whoops.

    Still...as I had given up on actually using UTAU for a while because I was a bit of an idiot and didn't change my locale(I don't miss WinXP), I was still mystified by UTAU. I had learned of the awesome potential of VCV, listening to awesome covers of songs sung by my first UTAU crush, Ritsu Namine. I loved how much potential UTAU had for being awesome. Off-topic, this was also the time when I could name any Vocaloid you showed me, and really loved Mayu hahaa.

    During the later half of my sophomore year of high school, I began to concept up Trilli, my UTAU. I knew she would be an extraterrestrial, but I went through various alien designs before settling on her final purple alien princess concept. I recorded up her CV, oto'd her, and then finally showed her to the world on June 1st, singing her first song, Hirari Hirari.

    In like the next month, I soon realized that her oto was off time, so then I added a breath sample, fixed an FRQ or two, fixed her oto and then released her v.1.2, which is the one I've used the most.

    As time went on, I began to get more involved in the community. I posted on UtaForum more often. I discovered Denki Sai, fell in love and then used him in ways that I really shouldn't. I hosted a lot of CAH games. I participated in the chatbox for a while, but then kinda moved away due to being scared off.

    This year I've started to get into producing. In May I wrote my first song, Arrhythmia, as sung by Denki Sai. In July I finished up a song collab with DystoP(aka Adlez27/Lofe), with my side being Despite as sung by Aiko Kikyuune. (Their side is Happy Arsonists sung by Denki Sai, btw)

    As a side note, I drifted away from UTAU a bit in favor of the Chipspeech fandom, though now I want to get involved with UTAU people again!

    Earlier this year, I recorded samples for a CVVC Trilli before my microphone bit the dust. I almost gave up on her CVVC because I couldn't seem to get her oto right. During the summer Lofe oto'd her and now I'm preparing to release her in the near future!
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    AAAAAAAAAAAA COOL! I myself can't do originals at all, I still have a long way to go Q-Q but that's really cool, thanks for sharing~!
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    My UTAU journey spans about four years and I won't be able to remember everything

    2011 - Grade 6

    I discovered UTAU on youtube soon after discovering Vocaloid. Probably triple baka or something. I got excited about using UTAU, so I followed the infamous "use wikipedia as your reclist" "record in audacity" "the kyo/nya/etc. samples are optional" "don't oto your bank" tutorial and created my first bank. I named her Kurayami Serena, because google translate, and fanfiction OCs. But I renamed her to Akaru Serena (more google translate), and made my next bank Kurayami Serena. I used them to make covers for a while. I didn't know how to do aliases or use converters, so I ended up remaking an entire UST just to cover one song because it wasn't in romaji.


    2012 - Grade 6, summer, Grade 7

    I still used my first kurayami/akaru banks but I ended up dropping them in favor of a new bank, Mita Souzou. I joined the community proper by making an UTAforum account. The first thing I did was spam a VCV tutorial I made. Woops.

    That was the year of the galaco contest. I wrote sm18662595 and won her bank, but never used it, because (as you can hear) I was unable to write songs and I didn't have the V3 full editor.

    Uh... I cant remember much else.


    2013 - Grade 7, summer, Grade 8

    This was the summer that I had an UTAU group chat network thing on Skype. This was the year I wrote my first proper original. Haha memory fails...


    2014 - Grade 8, summer, Grade 9

    Um... Release of PaperFace and Zone Zero. I got Vocaloid that summer, and did stuff with it...

    I think this might have been when I made AWG- first bank in August, then the update in december.


    2015 - Grade 9, summer, Grade 10

    I'm totally a reclister and I'm totally a producer. (More generally I'd call myself an electronic musician, but in the context of UTAU I call myself a producer.)

    Release of Flickering Escape, an UTAU song I wrote long ago and forgot was already ready to release until then.
    Release of Stars and LEXYS
    Release of Verticale, for the Stratosphere album, which was written long ago and unreleased until the album was.
    Release of This Game to Another, because I got bored and felt like using Tibo.
    Release of Happy Arsonists, the > DYSTOSLEEVES COLLAB <

    currently doing a reboot of my first two utau s called Serena LEGACY

    a bunch of other stuff happened honestly there's so much those years are so long
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    I started UTAU back in middle school, due to of a friend that dragged me into it, knowing my love for vocaloid.

    So she asked me to record a UTAU,
    So I did, as a joke.
    and now- his the joke that has gone to far.
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    Back in 2010, my senior year of high school, some friends introduced me to Vocaloid... and I absolutely hated the songs they showed me. I absoutely hated Miku. But I loved the idea of a virtual singer, so I started searching around to see if there were any alternatives to Miku.

    I found Teto. Through Teto, I discovered the UTAU wiki, and promptly went "I CAN MAKE MY OWN?!" And so I did, and it was terrible and had no oto. But I played around with her for a little bit, only ever releasing one (awful) cover before I decided to scrap her and start over new.

    I joined Utaforum either in my freshman or sophomore year of college, and from there I started making friends, started making newer and better UTAU banks. I got strongarmed into making VCV banks (which I now love, but being pressured into things is never fun), then I splurged on a mic, and then...

    I... um. Kind of went inactive for like two years.

    But now I'm back, and I'm back to recording banks and making covers and chatting with people! It's not been the most interesting journey, but I have improved a lot in the 5 years I've been at this.

    My first cover, and then my latest. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm proud of how far I've come.
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    Ah, so i was bored and on a certain site looking up cute pics for a text message war, and i came upon the vocaloid tag... i loved all the art, and obviously i had to investigate the music, so i listened to the dark woods circus series, at the recommendation of my rivals. I was impressed with the technology! I didnt understand anything about it,(i thought it was like a thing you sang into) then i saw no thank you, and i was in love, from there it led to triple baka and Teto. I listened to every teto song i could find and eventually was like, i wanna try this utau thing! I downloaded it 9n my wifes laptop, which broke after i made too many bad covers that i thought were asesome, but i pulled an old computer out of my closet, and every song i was learning zomething new. 40 some covers and almost 2 years later im still learning, thats why i love utau
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    It all started near the end of may, I knew vocaloids for a while, I did, but I stayed away from miku and derivatives, so.
    I started watching Pastelli-kiwi @dA, MystSaphyr @dA, and Blushily(Missgardenia) @dA
    I watched them for art, thought it was just their OCs, So, I asked pastelli what UTAU is, she told me alot about it! I decided that I want to use it, so I did c:
    Usagi was created!
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    My UTAU journey started last year summer vacation.

    So, I discovered UTAU by these Hetaloid videos which used the UTAU program, so I did some research. I also found out that wig the program you can make your own voicebanks.

    I also found some great UTAU users, banks, which pretty much inspired me to make my own voicebanks!
    That's when I made my UTAU babies: Fuwa Maria and Fuwa Mario.

    They're still CV now, but I'm currently making VCV banks for them since their first voicebanks were released.
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    i started utau in 2011 when i was twelve lol and bang HARMON-E was born i think maybe and then over time he transformed into finely aged meat and now we have Ham yeah! i always had friend groups in utau haha but i met some of my closest online friends around 12/13 . and we did and utu together maybe? and now we're all dead i think
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    Mine started ~6 years back
    I stumbled upon Hatsune Miku on YouTube then immediately loved her and her whole concept. There was one issue though: I was a penniless potato.
    So I moped and just felt really disappointed thinking I couldn't make great covers and stuff like that since I can't afford her.
    Then I landed on a World is Mine cover with a blonde-haired girl sitting on a sofa with Capital letters U T A U on the title.
    It was a horrible cover honestly, and decided that UTAU was terrible and nothing could beat Miku and Luka.
    Then I listened to a Defoko cover a few days later to give UTAU a chance to make me change my mind. The cover was still sh*t and horrible (no offense).
    But i wanted to use a vocal synthesizer so badly that I searched for the dl link in UTAU wiki. Deim the entire page was in Japanese and I didn't know how to read it then, so I backed out.
    I downloaded UTAU (finally) on 2013. I tried to make Defoko sing (not knowing she was a kana-based) then deleted it a few hours later because I can't do anything with it anyway.
    Fast forward to 2016, then along cane kyaami. She did the most realistic covers that I've heard, and it inspired me to try UTAU once more. And here I am, enjoying the program now that I have resources, help and sth.
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    Mine started around 2011 and then took a long break from it.

    But now in 2016 I'm trying to get back on track and use the program again.

    Continuing where I left off.
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    Gonna make this as short as I can, gonna go with my utau journey since it's what I mainly use
    Been using utau for 6 years, started in 2010, went through a handful of utau within that time, finally settled on a permanent utau a year ago (2 years on the 26th)
    Went through the usual struggles through that time
    Not being able to oto, not being able to do decent art *cough* plug and play, not understanding why sounds wouldn't play, etc.
    Now I can oto cv, vcv, cvvc, vccv English and Spanish and can do decent art and tune decently.
    After my last vb release, 2 or 3 months ago, I had been working on updating a beta vccv English bank I recorded..10 months ago? Started recording a tripitch, hated every moment of it, hated recording

    Up until early October(?), stopped recording all together, in hopes of getting a better mic. Finally got a better mic, needed a preamp, so I've been waiting, in that waiting, I started using a bipitch English that was missing only one string, never added it because, new mic. Realized the bank wasn't as horrible as I first thought it was. Regret many a decision, still waiting to record
    Hated it, now it's something I miss doing xD
    And that's where I am now
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  15. ElsabNotReady

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    I started UTAU at around the beginning of 2012! But I haven't really interacted with the community until like the middle of last year.

    I'll admit,it took me a little longer than the average UTAU user to get where I am now.

    Like,I made Indras ACT 1 bank like around mid February 2012 and then released it publicly around May,then I updated Indra to his ACT 2 CV and haven't updated him until like the beginning of this year. I deleted most of my covers from 2012-2014 out of embarrassment cause they sounded so bad. You know,bad oto,voicebank quality,off time covers,the typical reasons why most people delete covers. I've also been slowly progessing with the program. Like its 2016 and im just NOW getting into pitches and add-on banks LMAO. But now,Indra is a tri-pitch bilingual CV-VC with a major upgrade in quality and I plan on making more banks for him in the future! I also plan on making 2 more UTAU!

    But yeah like I said before,its taking me a little longer than the average UTAU user but im still happy that I've improved at least a little after working with UTAU for 4 years! I've gotten better at drawing and making PVs and whatnot,also been getting a little better at mixing and tuning! I still have a lot to learn,but im very happy with my progress so far!~❤
  16. Iris Dragonoure

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    So, I was in 6th grade when Noke got her recent design. My friend Rinny(she was a Vocaloid weeb like me at the time) had made this thing. Her name was Rise, I think, and she's like,"So, it's like a Vocaloid but it's me," and I wanted to do that. I knew about UTAU, but I didn't know how it worked. So when I got home from school that day, I downloaded UTAU and decided to make a bank: Kiseki Noke. I even made a UST from a midi because I wanted her to sing the piano version of Packaged. Here's my first UTAU cover. She had no oto and I cut her samples to make her "on time." She was actually released when I was in 7th grade, on my thirteenth birthday. I did record a power and a soft voicebank that were never released, and they have demos here.
    I created Kiseki Noke V2 during the summer. She was literally just a rerecord with better-cut samples, so she still had no oto, but she did sound better.
    I'm just now working on her V3 package, which each voicebank will have a proper oto. I just need to learn how to oto VCCV or have someone do it for me.
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    Whew, boy. I don't know where to begin, but I'll try to summarize my experience as brief as possible:

    "In the beginning around 2011 or so, I used to be part of the Panloids, an UTAU group created by my sister whose names consists of puns (though mine were nowhere as good as hers). I also had (and still have) a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and made 15 Panloids, male and female. Because I was always driven by my envy towards my sister's positive reception in the UTAU community, many of those UTAU were made to simply upstage her UTAU and I got mixed and negative reception from viewers.

    Two years later, I retired all the female and adult male UTAU (and derivatives as a whole) and created A.R.C.O.I.R.I.S. as my first set of public UTAU voicebanks; due to someone complaining about the "strictness" of my rules, they didn't go too far neither. In addition, the remaining Panloids were eventually renamed the Seven Deadly Sounds after the birth of the Shonen Academy. The two groups became my main UTAU for a while until I started biting off more than I could chew again; in addition, I realized too late that because these UTAU were made out of negativity, I never really felt happy using them. I didn't want to retire these UTAU since I cherish them dearly and classified them as Archived, meaning that even though they won't be used frequently anymore, I'll still use them for collabs such as medleys.

    With all that experience, I felt like starting anew and created Q.P. in 2016 as sort of an experiment. I was worried that he'll get too much negative reception, being a shonen and all, but after a while, I realized how much people actually liked him (best of all, for who he is) and he eventually become my UTAU "spokesperson". Q.P. was originally going to be the only UTAU I have, until a fellow UTAU user wanted to pitch in and that led to the births of O.G. (whom she voice provided) and D.T.; all three of them eventually gave rise to XOTA, an UTAU group consisting of, well, shonen UTAU. Perhaps the reason why the XOTA units remain as my main UTAU is because I myself admire shonen characters and hope to help them have a more positive image due to the already prominent stigma other people place on them. Even though I still worry about people looking down upon them today, I do all I can to support the XOTA units and avoid any rude or hateful things other people do or say about them."

    Hope I didn't take up too much time.
  18. Shasta

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    I've already explained my origin story before, but here's where my social life went downhill.

    I woke up in the hospital after several surgeries, and I saw a drawing of my main UTAU, Shadow. It was a horrible drawing, oh my gosh, it looked like trash, but from that point, Shadow was always there by my side, hence her name. Her name has such a negative connotation to it, but in my darkest hour, I had my Shadow by my side and that was about it. Sounds so dumb considering she's a fictional character that I made up, but she means a lot to me and I'd be pretty lost without her. That sounds so dumb... Well, after my best friend discovered Shadow, we teamed up and planned out Neko, but he wasn't finished until about 2 to 3 years later after my best friend and I had been separated. Neko is really all I have left of my best friend to hold on to. I miss him daily, but I'm hopeful one day in the future, when we're older we'll meet again. We'll meet in a better time, and maybe.. Yeah.. Things. But before Ko was made, Star was. My old username for everything was ShadowStar, so since I made Shadow, I felt like I needed to make Star. Originally, it was just Shadow, Star, Neko, Storm, and Snow, but during the time we were waiting for Neko, we needed a male singer, so Kuro, Ki Ki, Ryoko, Ace, Sora, Taro and Haku were made, but none of them quite....... could fill the part yanno... Every male member of Project SHASTALOID was made to fill the gap Neko left, but nothing could do it.. Kinda like after my best friend left, and I tried to fill the gap, but nothing... Similar story with Storm... Me and my other best friend teamed up on her... And she left me too, and Storm is all I have left... Like Snow.. My older sister and I.... Elian, my younger sister and I... Ruka, an old friend and I.....

    Moral of the story, I made Project SHASTALOID as a way of coping with sadness, loneliness and overall emptiness. I mean, I could of turned to a lot worse so I guess it ended up ok. The project is so big and everyone has someone so no one is lonely... I know they're fictional characters, and this probably isn't healthy or normal, but... Yeah... Everyone needs someone. Here in this community, I have someone. Lots of someones actually. Heh. It's pretty nice..
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  19. Aykad

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    Wellll .... Uhhhhh .... Ummmm . My story is the weirdest , you might think i am trolling but i am really not .

    Here is my story :

    When i was a toddler ( 2,3,4 years old ) , my older brother was teaching me how to use a computer and i do not know really why .

    After that , i was like 5 . My brother was addicted to anime and he was watching it all the time on youtube . So a lot of vocaloid/anime videos showed up on his recommended page . When i started to use the internet on my own ( still 5 ) , i clicked on Ievan Polkka , and i joined the vocaloid fandom . I loved Vocaloid thinking it was some kind of real people singing .
    My favorite songs were : Ievan Polkka , Popipo , Two Faced Lovers ( Yeah , i know and i watched the PV and i somehow enjoyed it not understanding the freaking things ) , The intense song of miku , Disappearence of Miku , triple baka .

    When i was watching triple baka , i discovered Teto . I loved her but she was weird cause she sounded choppy . And i discovered other UTAU like yokune Ruko And Ritsu Namine . I realized i loved the "Vocaloids" that are Utauloids because they had a much better design .

    After about 2 after ( 2013 - 2015 ) , i basically forgot it , but in 2015-2016 , i rejoined the UTAU/vocaloid fandom . And i found out it was... " takes a deep breath " .. It ... It was a computer singing the whole time . Wwwwtttffffff . My dad told me if you wanna buy it and i was like : uhmmm... No ..... Thanks Daddy .

    The same year , i discovered that UTAU was free and you could create your own voicebanks . I was likee OOMMMFFFGGGGG.

    After 2 years , i rejoined the UTAU fandom again . And i downloaded it .

    Now , i am planning to make my own UTAU and wish me luck .

    Thank you for reading this and i hope you enjoyed it since it is a REAL story

    I swear to god this is all real and even for me , it is kind of weird .

    Sorry for the bad grammar since it is my first post .
  20. partial

    partial Guest

    My UTAU story is short and sweet.

    Found Vocaloid/UTAU in 2011.
    Designed some scrapped fanloids from 2 really popular UTAU banks at the time. (Which, yes, I learned is wrong to start with since they weren't my own UTAU.)

    Used other people's UTAU in 2013. Told myself I'd never have one of my own because previous attempts with a built in laptop mic didn't sound good. I felt my voice was unfit for the program as a whole.

    2015 rolls around.
    Cz swoops in with a new method of UTAU English, VCCV.
    I was absolutely blown away by it. My interest in UTAU peaked.
    I made my very first UTAU, TYPE A, with an English voicebank.

    I've been actively into UTAU since. If not recording or otoing, I'm listening to covers and reading threads on the forum here.

    It's been fun thus far.
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  21. Sors

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    Welp my Journey starts in 2016, the year I discovered Vocaloid. I soon afterwards discovered Teto, and became interested in UTAU. After finding out you could record your own Voicebanks, I went ahead aned made some designs, for a male and a female UTAU, none of which I originally wanted to voice myself bc A) I don't have a feminine or androgynous voice and :shades: i hated my voice, so I didn't even try to voice the male UTAU Back then known as Yorune Kenta (Bc, Vocaloid + Weeb + Google Translate), so I looked on VocaloidOtaku for help, but to no avail. Flash forward to January 2017, and I join UF. There I got help, for art, and, after two bad attempts at making a Voicebank the UTAU formerly known as Kenta now received a makeover and a new name: Matsuo Sora. Oh, and a CV Voicebank, which was veeeeeeeeeeeeery low quality due to being recorded with a headset.

    I gave up on the female UTAU, and focused on Sora, spamming every plug n play cover I made, being proud of...that thing. I met partial about a year ago, and he reluctantly agreed on helping me by:
    - Offering to oto Sora's first CVVC (which sucks ass)
    - Buying a high quality microphone (still love ya for that :love:)

    I then recorded Sora's CVVC Voicebank "Hirogaru", which sucks ass bc I had no idea how multipitch and powerscale actually works. So it ended being a multiappend which just sucked. Aroudn the same time I recorded his English core bank, which was stuck in oto hell for long. Around June i released his first VCV which I despise as well lmao.

    However my goals only became bigger in August, when I started making UST myself and learned how to tune. It was around this time I began to make a small group of UTAU that I'd use only, consisting of Gahata Meiji, Hakone Shima, Yuutsukoe Karasu, Yamine Renri, my own UTAU Matsuo Sora and Sakasa Shiki - who is now replaced with Shione Lt. I think once I covered Leia with Meiji I kinda underwent a change of some sorts; idk I became more chill, less serious, I finally started to properly mix my covers and my tuning became...eh extreme sometimes.

    I released my first original song in December, which was kind of a small month for me up until the end, where I started to remake some of my older covers with my new tuning and mixing techniques and must say, they improved quite a lot. January I released Sora's dark/soft/whisper Voicebank, the first I actually like lmao, my second original that features Sora as well as my most viewed cover - Romeo and Cinderella with Yuutsukoe Karasu, as of today (April 12th 2018) it has 460 views ehehe.

    February was also quite a good month, as I released a new Sora Power Voicebank, of course again CVVC, and as of now...I'm quite satisfied, my covers have reached a quality I am very happy with and I have A LOT of wips...

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