When I voiced Fan-comics (#2014newblet)

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    So I just thought I would drop by with some old recordings of voice acting I did back in 2014 lol all the comics I did were from Tenshi-no-Hikari (she has great fanmade comics).
    I'll list them from my top viewed to least viewed.

    Keep in mind this was done when I first got my mic & was a noob with it & at mixing so the audio quality id horrendous for most of them :'D I was never trying to be serious when I first started this but I'm having second thoughts of maybe trying it out again, idk.

    Claude's Plan -- 258 views

    Sebation's Secret Weapon -- 197 views

    Sebation's True Form -- 140 views

    Kiny Stuff -- 134 views

    Kuroshitsuji Randomness -- 131 views

    Already Taken -- 68 views

    Unintended -- 61 views

    Bleach Tea Time -- 60 views

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