Open Mixing OTO Will mix for VCV otos (base otos already generated)

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    A trade offer that I hope will stay up for a very long time despite me not recording many voicebanks since the voicebanks for the otos I'm asking for aren't my own rather my friends' because I really want to help polish their voicebanks :^) (Names of available pitches below have strange names because of this since I want them to be a surprise :wink:)

    Here are samples of my current best mixing (latest to oldest; will update when new, higher quality works are made)

    I hope 1 pitch = 1 mix is a fair offer? If you want me to mix something with multiple singers, I'll have to ask for multiple otos as well. So for example, 1 song with a single vocalist = 1 vcv oto pitch; 1 song with 3 vocalists = 3 vcv oto pitches, 3 songs with a single vocalist = 3 vcv oto pitches, etc. I'm not restricted to mixing just UTAU vocals, by the way!

    All voicebanks I'm asking for otos use the 8-mora reclist unless stated otherwise. The only thing I'm asking to be added in the oto are end breaths aliased [a -], [e -], etc. and that all inhales from the beginning of the samples are oto'ed out. All duplicate sounds are deleted for your convenience.

    Slots available
    Weekly deadline (I'll complete the mix within a week, you complete otoing within a week) (OPEN UNTIL THE 23rd!)
    1. B - D4 pitch (taken by @◉EYERIS◉!)
    2. B - G4 pitch (taken by @◉EYERIS◉!)
    3. B - C5 pitch (taken by @◉EYERIS◉!)

    Monthly deadline (I'll complete the mix within a month, you complete otoing within a month)
    1. R - E3 pitch
    2. R - A3 pitch
    3. R - D#4 pitch
    4. R - A4 pitch
    5. R - D5 pitch

    I'm willing to add more slots if there's a lot of interest! If you're picky about recorded pitches/vocal type/etc. please tell me what you're interested in! I'll elaborate on each voicebank's description and will add more to the slots to suit your preferences! In short, more slots can be added upon demand!

    *You agree that you will NOT share the pitches I send to you with anyone and will not publicly post usages of them as these are supposed to be oto'ed as surprises for my friends.
    **Steal/redistribute the pitches I send to you, I'll kick you so hard. Just don't.

    I hope I'm not missing any important info OTL
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