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    • Name & Name Meaning: 続音エイン (Zokune Ein) Zokune: Repeating Sound | Ein: Corruption of original name, Eien | Eien (永遠): Forever | Altogether: Repeating sound forever
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 11
    • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
    • UTAU Series: RAIOLOID
    • Voice Type: Soft and Light, Young-sounding
    • Optimum Range: D3~G#4 (logical range; will update when more better logical range is found)
    • Encoding: Hirigana filenames
    • Aliases: Yes; romaji aliases
    • Voicebank Type: CV
    • Preconfigured OTO: Yes
    • Appends/Multiple Banks: ACT1(lost), ACT2(lost), ACT3 - Current Ver., Tsuyoban/Strength Edition (In progress)
    • Languages: Japanese, English (In progress)
    • Voicebank Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/upgbusnn3o6x1az/ZokuneEinAct3.uar [UAR Download; act3]
    • Voice examples:

    A versatile young boy voice for UTAU. It can go high and low pitches for your needs.
    This voice has a fully configured oto.ini, as well as a single breath sound, "br". It is default known as "r" but either can be used. Thanks for downloading and taking interest in Zokune Ein ACT3!

    Thanks for checking Zokune Ein out, please download him and tell me what you think! :wink:

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