Group Permissions

User Group Permissions

For a full comparison of all the user groups please see the chart below. A FAQ answering common questions about our user groups is available at the bottom of this page.

  • Registered (Hidden)
    Has created and verified their account's email. New account with many restrictions.

  • Registered+ (Hidden)
    Has introduced themselves or has made a minimum of 10 posts. Access to all of UtaForum's basic features.

  • Active Member (Active Member)
    Has made a minimum number of posts within the last two weeks. Special icon appears below avatar.

  • Promoted Member (Defender of Defoko)
    Receives the "Defender of Defoko" flag and special user permissions like colored text in chat.

  • Lifetime Supporter (Supporter)
    Unlocked through donation. Users receive the "Supporter" flag and all the 'Promoted' special permissions and more.
Registered Registered+ Active Promoted Supporter
Use Forum O O O O O
DL Resource O O O O O
Create Resource X O O O O
Create Showcase X O O O O
Review Items X X O O O
Group Icon X X O O O
Chatbox Colors X X X O O
[+] Permissions X X X O O
Less Banners X X X O O
More Storage X X X O O


How do I know if I am Registered or Registered+?
If you are not Registered+ you should be receiving prompts to introduce yourself.