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    Many UTAUs Needed For Medley! could you use my utau for patchwork staccato ? he's got a CVVCV and multipitch CV bank
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    Closed PayPal OTO OTO Commissions ! (temporarily closed)

    TEMPORARILY CLOSED Hi ! I'm Ruby and I've decided to open up OTO commissions ! I've seen most people charge based on the type of bank (CV, CVVC, VCV, etc.) but I've decided to do a different rate; the price is $1 USD per 50 oto entries (rounded up at 30 or more). I can accept commissions for...
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    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】 MELTDOWN 【RITSU KIRE】

    this is actually very well done for your first cover, especially if you tuned it yourself ! the only thing i would recommend is just to continue tuning things to practice and get better; the vocals sound a bit flat, so next time be a bit more ambitious with your pitchbends ^^
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    Closed Free CV/CVVC OTOs/Mixing !

    bump ! updated the examples to show more recent work ^^
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    【UTAU Cover】Teo【欲音ルコ♂キレ】

    i like the teto version of this song so i thought i'd do a quick cover of my own (credits in sc upload)
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    【UTAU Cover】Soleil【Sakasa Shiki】

    shiki is a bit hard to use but i like her. credits in the sc upload
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    CV to VCCV plugin or how to make an english VCCV?

    ust it as you would any english word; just use the phonetics for the japanese word. since you're using vccv, it would be something like [sa][a y][yO][O n][na][a l][la]. hope that helped ^^
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    Welcome to UtaForum ! I hope you enjoy using UTAU ^^
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    Voicebank Caleb Psyche

    _dream_scape updated Caleb Psyche View updates to this showcase item...
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    Voicebank Caleb Psyche

    _dream_scape updated Caleb Psyche View updates to this showcase item...
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    【Matsudappoiyo】Lost Destination

    this was a really fun song to tune ^^ (credits in sc upload)
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    Welcome to utaforum ! I hope you enjoy getting into UTAU again ^^
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    Closed Free CV/CVVC OTOs/Mixing !

    uh bump ! still doing requests ^^