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    Some program called cadencii is getting me going

    ok ok i spent a couple minutes learning to use it and so basically i put in the utaus in the settings, i selected the resamplers and stuff, i added my voicebanks, i added another track set to utau, i selected the vb at the bottom that says singer, and since i was using a vcv voicebank, i had to...
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    King - Kanaria [Sans Cover]

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    「Milk」Ghost Rule「UTAU Cover」

    first time using a vcv voicebank!
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    New to UTAU, need help!

    try hitting enter after typing something in
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    someone send a link to download soho please

    yay i got soho, i used my terrible japanese just in case but i got a reply back in english
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    someone send a link to download soho please i can't find a dl for soho anywhere
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    melt cover w/teto ^^

    really? well i put it on youtube as well
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    melt cover w/teto ^^

    i created the ust myself
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    melt cover w/teto ^^ first time making something thats not with sans undertale
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    is the utau community dead

    thanks! i didn't realize that active forums like the novelupdates forum were uncommon
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