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    Original [Eleanor Forte] Take Out a Gun [Synthesizer V Original]

    Hi everyone! This is my first original song. It's about my experience with people resisting covid restrictions. The lyrics are a little graphic but I believe they're appropriate for the dangers of the pandemic and carelessness of the US' citizens.
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    UTAUSynth installing, I know nothing about using a Mac :-0

    So I'm trying to download the latest version of UTAUSynth bc my husband got me a new mac for my birthday. I've downloaded the .dmg file and moved it to my applications folder, but when I do that, instead of asking me for a license key it says that the software developer can't be verified. Is...
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    Adding Power to English Teto in High Notes

    So I'm using English Teto to cover Define Me (yikes I know) and things are going decently well but now that I'm at the chorus her high notes are VERY soft and don't fit the tone of the song. Does anyone have ideas as to what I could do to give her voice some of that belting power? The only...
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    sometimes the UST tunes U

    sometimes the UST tunes U
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    Jakuon Kumone CVVC Acapella Cover - No Brainer- NSFW

    WARNING WARNING BIG BAD LYRICS EXPLICIT DONT LISTEN IF YOURE UNDER 18 THANKS! I spent a bunch of time making this bad cover and theres no instrumental so i hope someone can enjoy it if they like Ashnikko LOL
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    Jakuon Kumone CVVC English Acapella Cover - Beach Bunny - Sports

    Hey yall I havent done anything with UTAU in like 5 years and I got the urge to do something in UTAU and I have no one to show it to so please enjoy!!!