~ He/Him ~
~ 14 ~
~ Homosexual ~
~ Owner and voicer of Okaru Itsuto ~
~ Voicer of upcoming Furloid Tokage ~
~ Owner of many 人力, Exclusive, Private and Discontinued VBs! ~

Hey there!
My name is Cody, also known as codyboyo or Mellun, and I'm an aspiring UTAU and VOCALOID user.

I've always had a strange obsession with speech synthesis and anthropomorphism, and vocal synths like UTAU and VOCALOID bring them together in such a fascinating way!

My favorite UTAUloids:
Kasane Teto
Laru Mine
Uta Utane/Defoko
Adachi Rei
Acme Iku
Shione Lt
I have a lot more, I just can't think of any :annoyed:

YouTube: Mellun
VocaDB: codyboyo
Soundcloud: codyboyo
Instagram: codyboyo
June 17
United States of America



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