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    Looking for voices for upcoming fanime

    oooohhh jeez, i am so sorry you guys, i completely got sidetracked and forgot to check back here... I've already cast some voices but i'd love for you two's voices to be in here as characters and/or backups!
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    Looking for voices for upcoming fanime

    So, i am working on a fanime called "Suteki Neko Edge-Chan", a purposefully bad/joke fanime about a dark edgy girl having adventures at a school while also having to fight enemies at times using the power of a shard necklace allowing her to grow cat ears and get special powers. Sounds...
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    Ribbon Floid

    Ribbon Floid is a relatively happy young boy from Helen, Georgia, coming from a family of actors. While he does enjoy doing acting from time to time, he decided to pursue a career in singing. While he doesn't have the best singing voice, he strives to do his best. He likes to get himself all...
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    Voicebank Ribbon Floid

    midone submitted a new Showcase Item: Ribbon Floid Read more about this showcase item here...
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    A very late introduction

    Wow, i forgot to introduce myself! I know it's about a year overdue but here i go. Hi, my name is midone, but i also go by Mido and Loid, i like rhythm games (DDR, Pump It Up, Project Diva, Groove Coaster) and Sonic stuff (favorite game: Sonic Heroes) I like 80's music (Tell It To My Heart is a...
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    Mido's lyrics

    Okay, here's a more serious song //untitled.project\\ by me Lost in a haze, i'm losing my mind in this maze A labyrinth of times long gone Alone, by myself, in my cold dusty room Without a soul to communicate with Even in the heat of a midsummer's day My cold heart always manages to lead me...
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    Draw my UTAUloid?

    aaah they're all so good! i love them~
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    Draw my UTAUloid?

    Sorry for the late reply, i've got an oto.ini but i don't think he's a CVVC (i'm still kind of learning that terminology, heh..) but he is a male, i just kinda wanted to make him kind of neutral clothes-wise.
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    Critique my mixing, please!

    The backing track makes some vocals sound faint, but the timing and the slight reverb effect is great! I would just suggest lowering the backing track's volume a little bit or slightly increasing the vocals volume some. Overall, i think you did great!
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    Mido's lyrics

    i wrote another song, this time it's not a serious one Someday (a short stupid revenge poem that ends in screaming) [100 bpm, gentle but solemn music] Someday I'll wonder If you still Care for me Maybe so or maybe not I don't even know You broke my heart and now it's time to break yours [200...
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    Murmur Twins UST

    I'd really like someone to make a UST for Murmur twins, CV/CVC(?)/romaji (or whatever is a common method or whatever works best for you) would be nice, and i can provide an instrumental. Bpm: 174 Origin: Beatmania IIDX Instrumental: Original: Lyrics:
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    Draw my UTAUloid?

    I'll draw yours in return! here's what mine looks like
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    Mido's lyrics

    here's where i'll post lyrics for song ideas i have maybe we could get together and make them real i guess, but anyways here's my first one Smiling About Your Misery Somedays i don't care about what the others will think, I'm gonna throw everything away at them, plus the kitchen sink. It's...
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    If someone could make/find/etc usts for Miracle Moon (Sanae Shitani, Beatmania), CURUS (D-Crew, Pop'n Music), and LOOK AT US -Daddy DJ Remix (Sarina Paris? DDR), that'd be awesome. any others would be cool too, even a cappela's/accapellas/how ever you spell it