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    Plogue Chipspeech

    I love Dandy 704 so much....but I also love Otto not just for its voice, but for its baggage tbh.
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    New to UTAU, need help!

    Also, make sure the "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" isn't checked. It messes up UTAU and causes half the program to stay in mojibake. This was my singular problem that set me back for four whole days.
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    Voicebank Garbage

    Weird question: Do the little boxes in "Voicebank Info" show up as failed iframes for you? I even turned on flash just in case it's just a simple mistake.
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    I've come here out of desperation

    WW yes I used to have a text-to-speech program that I could make sound exactly like Bonzi if I adjusted the specs just's in CV and I left it on my google drive when I switched computers. It's definitely easier than what I'm doing now...
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    I've come here out of desperation

    Hi everyone :) Call me Ona. Love UTAUs, love vocaloid. Len and Teto are my faves.~ One of my greatest daydreams is to make jinriki UTAU. I was working on a Bonzi Buddy vb around this time last year, in fact. I'm here mainly because I'm having so many nuanced issues with my program, I haven't...