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    【UTAU Synth】 Catch You, Catch Me 【Asane Bou】+ UST
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    Pudding's USTs

    Added Catch You, Catch Me .ust.
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    Ust request

    There's a thread dedicated to requesting USTs here. Also, as far as I see, there isn't an off vocal. :C Most UST users won't make a UST without an off vocal presently available, but I wish you luck. :)
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    【UTAU BIRTHDAY】 null【Teto Kasane】

    Thank you very much!
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    【UTAU BIRTHDAY】 null【Teto Kasane】 CopyPasta from my YT description: Happy birthday, you baguette-loving freak. ♡ I really like how this cover turned out. Of course, it's not perfect, but I think I managed to keep Teto from sounding unpleasantly abrasive. I mean, this is a...
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    Ship dat stuff

    Obaito or Kairack Shiobama -- Gacktpoid / Gakupo and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
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    Help setting up Microphone [Win8.1]

    See if you can go into your sound input settings and set it as your mic. OREMO recognizes the mic your computer is using, rather than having be a seperate option in the program. (At least, that's how my Mac OREMO works.)
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    Pudding's USTs

    Added Love Me Cheerilee .ust.
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    What would the Kanji be for "Anna"? (Solved.)

    RE: What would the Kanji be for "Anna"? Anna in katakana would just be spelt out phonetically, being a foreign name. アンナ has more emphasis on the "n" sound because you'd pronounce it "a-n-na". アナ is just "a-na". The ン is that extra "n" sound. It really boils down to pronounciation and...
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    Round Dance Revolution 【Samura Tomi】+ UST
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    Pudding's USTs

    Added Rinbu Revolution .ust
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    Ship dat stuff

    Hatsune Miku and Miko Ooka
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    Would anyone want to do a Vocaloid/UTAU collab with me?

    Hm, I've never mixed VOCALOID before, but I'm think I'm a decent mixer with UTAU. If you decide to mix, I could probably do some cover art. :)
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    Would anyone want to do a Vocaloid/UTAU collab with me?

    Yeah, Myst's UST seems to check out fine as far as I can tell. If there's anything weird, I can probably fix it, anyways. Cool! I look forward to this! I'll message you when I've finished tuning it and can render it, and vice versa?
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    Would anyone want to do a Vocaloid/UTAU collab with me?

    Matryoshka sounds good. :) Which part would you like to cover with Len?