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    【UTAU Cover】 Lilium 【Guren Nataku】

    I hope you'll enjoy this one. SukinaK did a wonderful mix and put a lot of effort into ! Acetea-san did a wonderful cover art ;w; !
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    UTAU cosplay !

    OMG Mino so cool !  GJ !! Yours too !
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    My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley

    YAYYYYY thanks o/ Name of UTAU: Guren Nataku Song: Monochroact o/ VB DL: Transparent Image: Flags/Sampler: Y0H10B0F1F4 freesamp if possible ? dunno.
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    Need Characters for UTAU Story :D

    Oh o_o I didn't post infos >w< ! Here it is, sorry. Name: Guren Nataku Gender: Female Age: 20 Voice sample: [UTAU] Can't I Even Dream ? [Guren Nataku] Personality: "Guren is very quiet. She knows how to keep his composure and not react violently in critical situations. She likes meditation and...
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    【67 UTAU】My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley 【Overseas UTAU】

    Why is this video deleted ;w; ? Why take down your account  ? ;w;
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    Your Faces!

    Lukalike again. With Necomimi.
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    UTAU cosplay !

    @obakebaka : hmm there is cosplay character for everyone. maybe you should see other character that correspond to you ? on the physical side.
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    Your Faces!

    Sylphique ! You're amazingly beautiful :D TheDrunkRecruit : What people on the chatbox said ? XD btw nice picture really :3
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    free art ;w;

    Is this topic dead ? :o Just asking~
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    Just thinking, but if we put UTAU together by colors...utau rainbow !!!

    Thanks perfect ! dCatharsis : Sorry but do you have her without any background ? :o
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    UTAU Cover Contest!

    Mixer Nickname: TBK UTAU Name: Guren Nataku VB DL: Preferred flags/sampler: Fresamp/ Y0H10B0F1F4
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    Duet My World

    Sorry :/ I can't give my entry. not finished/good enough ;w; really sorry ;w;
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    Need UTAUs for Fire Flower Chorus.

    Awww >w< too bad.
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    Just thinking, but if we put UTAU together by colors...utau rainbow !!!

    Stay a chibi kinda style but I will try my best with it :3 thx
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    UTAU Cover Contest!

    Great :D thanks ! Waiting for some news~~