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    hey gang

    welcome to the forums ^^
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    Chat message

    Makes sense, they did just update the site
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    Chat message

    I checked 'cause tabby said something about it
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    Chat message

    ?? Is there something you have to do to get showcase perms? I already have an UTAU in the showcase so idk why I can't post there lol
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    Ban The User Above You

    banned for signature not being epic enough
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    Idek what this should say

    Have you tried selecting [n な] and clearing STP, preutterance, and overlap? Select the note and hit Ctrl+E, then put spaces in those 3 boxes.
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    stream kiyoteru's album it HITS

    stream kiyoteru's album it HITS
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    UTAU Frequency file editor window bug

    Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to fix it. I'd reccomend downloading this plugin by nmasao. It's a lot easier to edit frqs in. Extract the contents of the zip and put them in UTAU\plugins
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    Pumpkin Head + Vane- 8AM [UTAU Cover+UST]

    oh yeah woo yeah
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    Does anyone have a translation of the how-to manual for frqeditor?

    Are you using the plugin or the built in editor?
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    Setparam is reading the aliases weird

    Yeah, that's something to do with file encoding. I had a similar aliasing issue at one point. I think the oto has to be in SHIFT-JIS?
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    Magneto (Jasperango) ft. Dominic Schoepfer & flint

    this is filing me with fear
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    The next generation of UTAU - changes we'd like to see

    Earlier this year (I think? I'm awful at keeping track of time) Ameya/Ayame said they'd be trying to put out a new UTAU update, but it would come in pieces. Doppeltler, f2resamp, and wavtool2 were some of those pieces, just as replacements for the regular resampler and wavtool. Also, TIL UTAU...
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    using .ust files in audacity??

    If you're trying to get the singing from the UST, you have to first render them in UTAU. You can use the audio from there. Open the UST in UTAU, go to the "Play" option at the top, and select "render wav file." Do this for the harmony and main tracks, then you should be able to use both of the...