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  • Hello people of the Vocal singthesis community! I have an announcement to make :smile:
    I will be making a new song based on one of my OCs!
    The song is about my OC's Job at work ;-;

    The age rating for the song might possibly be 13+ because of serious topics and swearing.
    Anyhow, that concludes my announcement.

    Note: It might take a while to make the song because I have tests at school to study for.
    Don't let people pick on you for what you do, if you enjoy your hobby, Keep going. If you are pressured to do something you don't want to, say no. You will have a good life if you keep going the path your heart tells you to go, not what people direct you into. Keep being you.

    - VoiSonaUser 2023
    Hello, this is a new update from VoiSonaUser, aka Me.
    Uhm, unfortunetly, I will not have time to make an AMV/PMV for my new song, so I might just post it with an image representing the song instead, like i usually do mostly.
    This will take time though, however, I will post the video on my profile once it's done.
    Thank you for your patience.
    Update on original song: I have finished the song!
    However, I am going to make an AMV / PMV for the song, and that might take a while.
    When the video is uploaded to youtube, I will let you know :smile:
    Hello everyone, this is an update from me XDD
    Uh, I am working on an original song right now!
    When I'm finished, I'll post it for all of you to see!

    Note: The original song might take a while to make because of a school project I have, studying for tests, etc.

    However, that's all! Bye!
    VoiSona is a great app. I know I only have one voicebank for it, but the pitch settings and everything are pretty cool. Even the piano roll is rainbow-ish and I like that. I only have Chris AI on that app, though, however, the voice sounds great. Maybe one time I will post my experience with VoiSona. :smile:
    I apologize for confusing people on the request I made. I will do better next time when requesting something.
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