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    Contest UTAUvision 2017: The first UTAU battles start NOW

    Had to re-registration since one person quit the last one, unfortunately. Hope that's okay!
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    Soul Of A Dance (Ft Ruby and Rin)

    Check it out!! YouTube: SoundCloud: A song featuring Ruby and Rin English!!
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    How do you find UTAU?

    Same for me <_<
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    Tutorial Music Theory, Mixing & Musicianship Resources

    If anyone here is looking for a good book on basic music theory check out Music Theory For Computer Musicians by Michael Hewitt. It's great for beginners wanting to get a basic grasp of music theory and is a great resource for people already familiar with basic theory and want to read up on more...
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    New Tune Featuring Teto!

    So I finished this thing... It's an Engrishy thing. Was going for a sort of atmospheric/euphoric feel. If you are into dance music I hope you like this one!
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    which one you want to use?

    which one you want to use?
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    last status update... Dec 6 2014...... gona fix that right now :>

    last status update... Dec 6 2014...... gona fix that right now :>
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    New Kickstarter for PowerFx vocaloid!!

    So ridiculous tho... Gona have to go outside the Voca Bubble lol...
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    New Kickstarter for PowerFx vocaloid!!

    Buying some of their products would also help them afford producing more Vocaloids. I'd imagine a lot of their funding comes straight from their Soundation Studio.
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    New Kickstarter for PowerFx vocaloid!!

    Well... Ruby IS out so..... Forward is the only way to go. I don't think PFX is gona stop producing vocaloid titles but they may make some changes to ensure stuff like this doesn't happen again. For the time being, though, I'd think they'll want to put some distance between then and now. It's...
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    The LMMS Club

    Wasn't sure if I should have posted this in my first reply buuuuut here it is anyway. This was done entirely in LMMS (with exception of Teto of course). Not really much for lyrics. I was just after something to get people head-bobbin or something. Did the graphic myself.
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    The LMMS Club

    It's definitely a phenomenal DAW. Probably the best free desktop DAW you're ever going to get, that I know of. Though there is Ardour but that's more Linux supported and may be harder to get used to than LMMS. Guess I can throw my hat into the ring. Though LMMS is not my primary DAW
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    Can You Dance (Ft. Ruby)

    I finished this thing last night (before this post ;P )! Fairly happy with how it turned out. I know I am an amateur but I'd consider this as one of my best tracks, so far. It's basically a dance tune for Ruby to rock out. I'm not the greatest when it comes to writing lyrics (even dance tune...
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    Party Diva (Ft. Kasane Teto) (Dance track)

    So... this is my legit first original track using UTAU at all. this uses Teto English and is produced in LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio). It's a dance track so it's not much on vocals... hope it's got enough energy to at least get people to bounce in their chair or something.